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2014 ‘TDN’ Knoxville Nationals Pick ‘Em Contest

2014 – Inaugural Knoxville Nationals Pick ‘Em Contest
Aug. 6th – Aug. 9th

Welcome all players to our inaugural FREE “Knoxville Nationals Pick ‘Em” contest. By the end of Saturday night, August 9th, we will have crowned the first ever ‘TDN Knoxville Nationals Champion’.
We welcome any and all players from all forms of motorsport. Likewise, we as a group encourage you to round up anyone interested in having some fun, testing their predictions, and going for gold.
Below are a set of rules/guidelines and pre-entered drivers. All guidelines must be followed correctly in order for your picks to be scored.
**IMPORTANT NOTE**: Please post your name (or an alias is fine too) with your picks so we don’t end up with an “Anonymous” winner. I would also appreciate if you could include a way of contact given the chance that you win and we need to get ahold of you. Twitter handle is most preferable, but anything will work (ex: @mytwitterhandle)

The winner of our Pick ‘Em contest will be the recipient of a $150 gift card to
1. Picks must be submitted via a comment at the bottom of this page or to us on Twitter 
(@TheDirtNetwork or @tyler_beichner)
2. You will pick 5 drivers that count for points over the course of the entire week. Only the two qualifying nights (Wednesday & Thursday) and Saturday night will be scored. Your driver’s finishes will be valued with the following point system:
**(QN – Qualifying Night)
QN Quick Time = 20 points
QN Heat win = 20 points
QN Feature win = 50 points
QN Top 5 = 25 points
QN Feature pos. 6-10 = 15 points
QN Feature pos. 11-24 = 5 points
Saturday A-Main win = 100 points
Saturday A-Main top 5= 75 points
Saturday A-Main top 10 = 50 points
Saturday A-Main pos. 11-24 = 25 points
Saturday made B-Main = 10 points
Saturday made C-Main = 5 points
3. You have until Wednesday (Aug. 6th) at 6:00pm EST to make your picks! Immediately after 6:00 all new picks and changes will be considered invalid.
4. Duplicate Picks – No two sets of picks shall be identical. In other words, if two players share the same five drivers, the first player will be scored, and the second will be warned to change a pick.
**Do you research and look at the picks ahead of you to make sure yours are not duplicating anybody else’s
5. Standings will be updated Sunday morning (Aug. 10th). The player with the highest point total is your winner. If you’d like for us to keep you updated with periodic standings throughout the week, then please follow @TheDirtNetwork on Twitter or check back here.
6. Tiebreaker Procedure – 1. The highest-finishing  driver picked in Saturday’s A-Main. 2. Most picked drivers that qualified for Saturday’s A-Main. 3. The second highest-finishing driver in 
Saturday’s A-Main…third…etc.
7. If the board is malfunctioning when you are making selections, you may tweet your picks to us @TheDirtNetwork or @tyler_beichner on Twitter before 6:00pm EST on Tuesday night (Aug. 6th)
8. Any rule that falls outside the scope of this rules package, shall be governed by Gary Heeman (@21stCenturySkiz) and Tyler Beichner (@tyler_beichner) on Twitter with regards to decisions.
To get you started, I’ll post some dummy picks to get you accustomed to the format of posting your picks…
Name: Tyler Beichner (aliases allowed…ex: dirty421)
Fred Rahmer
Doug Wolfgana
Mark Kinser
Tony Stewart
Jan Opperman
Contact: @tyler_beichner

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