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TDN’s National Pick Em Hall Of Fame

2010: (Year 1-Fantasy Dirt Era)

In the first year of Lernerville Pickem, Jason Stearns (2LFan), yours truly , and our fearless leader Charles Taninecz (CXT) waged a seemingly never ending duel to the finish. Only abut 4-6 players played most weeks, but the points were so close that a tie emerged almost every week. With no tiebreaker procedure in place, the three players had to settle accounts in the Lernerville Postseason with Stearns declared the winner after the September All Star Sprint/Late Model duel.

2010 Lernerville Pickem Champion : Jason Stearns


In year two, Trever Steele won in his first full time season, battling defending champion Jason Stearns to the very last week. 2011 was also the first year that Lernerville special event pickem contests were held. Newcomer Brian (DobieFan) Compton took home the first Rookie of the Year Award for his inspired 2nd half play and Special Event Don Martin Silver Cup Pickem win. About 6-8 weekly players took part on average in 2011.

2011 Lernerville Pickem Champion: Trever Steele
2011 Lernerville Pickem Rookie of the Year: Brian Compton
2011 Firecracker 100 Pickem Winner: Jason Stearns
2011 Don Martin Silver Cup Pickem Winner: Brian Compton
2011 Commonwealth Clash Pickem Winner: Charles Taninecz


In year three, an average of 12-14 players participated with some weeks seeing 18 players! Newcomer Frank Iudciani (faci81)became the first Canadian participant in Lernerville Pickem, giving the game an international feel. 2012 also saw the first full time driver take part as Modified driver Brad Rapp played every week and took home Rookie of the Year honors with several weekly wins.

Newcomers Patrick Miller and Nick Dreher provided a strong chase for eventual champion Julian “Kid” Roberts, until Brian Compton made the race a two man dog fight to the finish. Roberts prevailed, becoming the third different Lernerville Pickem Champion in three seasons. Compton became the all time special events pickem leader, adding two more special event wins with Firecracker 100 and Commonwealth Clash Wins. First year pickem champion Jason Stearns took home the prize for the Inaugural World Finals Pickem. Also, newcomer Ashley Swartzlander pulled the upset of the year winning the Silver Cup Pickem with yours truly sharing first place marking his first win in anything Lernerville Pickem related.

2012 Lernerville Pickem Champion: Julian “Kid” Roberts
2012 Lernerville Pickem Rookie of the Year: Brad Rapp
1st Half Winner: Julian “Kid” Roberts
2nd Half Winner: Josh “BaconBits” Bayko
2012 Firecracker 100 Pickem Champion: Brian Compton
2012 Don Martin Silver Cup Pickem Chmapion: Ashley Swartzlander and Gary Heeman
2012 Commonwealth Clash Pickem Champion: Brian Compton
2012 World Finals Pickem Champion: Jason Stearns

2013 (Final Season on Fantasy Dirt

In 2013, Lernerville Pickem featured a record number of players once again. Over 20 entrants started off the year and few dropped off as an average of 16 players finished the season! Josh Bayko continued his strong 2012 by becoming a top 3 fixture from the opening night.

He was hotly contested by Tyler Beichner and rookie of the Year Jeff Barnes, and a strong 2nd half carried rookie Kim Gerber to a podium finish for the season. 2011 Champion Trever Steele brushed off a rough 2012 campaign and became a factor once again in 2013, picking up the 1st winner of the National Open Pickem Contest in the process while Canadian sensation Frank Iudciani collected the win in the 2nd Annual World Finals Contest. Rookie Toni Marie Carbone snagged the Don Martin Silver Cup game while Bayko took the honors in the Firecracker 100 contest.

In the end Josh proved to be too much to handle, despite great efforts from the rest of the top 5 in chasing him down.

2013: 1st Half Lernerville Pickem Champion: Josh Bayko
2013: 2nd Half Lernerville Pickem Champion: Jeff Barnes
2013 Lernerville Pickem Rookie of the Year: Jaff Barnes
2013 Lernerville Pickem Comeback Player of the Year: Trever Steele
2013 Lernerville Pickem Most Improved Player: Frank Iudciani
2013 Lernerville Pickem Top 5

1. Josh Bayko
2. Jeff Barnes
3. Kim Gerber
4. Tyler Beichner
5. Frank Iudciani

2013 3rd Annual Firecracker 100 Champion: Josh Bayko and Gary “Skiz” Heeman
2013: 3rd Annual Don Martin Silver Cup Champion: Toni Marie Carbone
2013: 3rd Annual Commonwealth Clash Champion: Mother Nature
2013: Inaugural National Open Champion: Trever Steele
2013: 2nd Annual World Finals Champion: Frank Iudciani

2014 (Year 1 as TDN Pickem)

2014 once again saw an increase in players as over 20 took the green flag for Lernerville Pickem. Rookie James Barber set the pace early on and was slowly reeled in by Jeff Barnes over the course of the season. And then in dramatic fashion, Barnes overtook Barber on the last night of competition which included the World of Outlaw Late Model “Working Man 50”.  Barnes would win First half and Rookie of the Year honors, edging out fellow rookie Garrett Morbacher who took the win in the Firecracker 100 Contest. 2013 Champion Josh Bayko finished on the podium for the season with Pat Miller and Jerin Steele rounding out the top 5.

Lernerville Pickem Champion: Jeff Barnes
1st Half Champion: James Barber
2nd Half Champion: Jeff Barnes
Rookie of the Year: James Barber

Final Lernerville Pickem Top 5

1. Jeff Barnes- 449

2. James Barber- 435
3. Josh Bayko- 431
4. Pat Miller- 414
5. Jerin Steele- 413

1st Annual DIRTcar Nationals Pickem Contest Champion: Jeff Barnes
4th Annual Firecracker 100 Champion: Garrett Morbacher
4th Annual Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup Champion: Tyler Beichner
Inaugural Knoxville Nationals Pickem Champion: Jerin Steele
Inaugural World 100 Pickem Contest Presented by Bell Racing USA Champion: Bill Blair
4th Annual Commonwealth Clash Pickem Contest: Jeff Barnes
3rd Annual World Finals Pickem Contest: Andrew Loria

4th Annual Firecracker 100 Pickem Contest (2014)
4th Annual Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup Pickem Contest
Inaugural World 100 Pickem Contest Presented by Bell Racing USA
4th Annual Commonwealth Clash Pickem Contest


The 2015 Season was a two man show as rookies John Baumes and Phillip Swartzlander dueled to the end and when the dust settled, Baumes found himself the sixth champion of Lernerville Pick’Em.  Garrett Mohrbacher  found himself on the podium after a consistent season and Kim Gerber as well as TDN founder Gary Heeman earned perfect games.  Josh Bayko won the inaugural TDN contributor beer league.

For the full season at a glance, click here: 2015 Lernerville Pick’Em Recap

Lernerville Pickem Champion: John Baumes
Lernerville Pickem Rookie of the Year: John Baumes
TDN Contributor Beer League Champion: Josh Bayko

Lernerville Pickem Top 5:

1. John Baumes- 348
2. Phillip Swartzlander- 341
3. Garrett Mohrbacher- 328
4. James Barber- 322
5. Jessica Wright- 314

2nd Annual DIRTCar Nationals Pickem Contest Champion: Heath Lawson
5th Annual Don Martin Silver Cup Champion: Jason Stearns
2nd Annual Knoxville Nationals Pickem Champion: Rob Schweizer
5th Annual Firecracker 100 Pickem Champoin: Jason Houck
2nd Annual World 100 Pickem Champion: Seth Lemley
Inaugural Super DIRT Week Pickem Champion: Mrs. Missle (name pending)
4th Annual World Finals Pickem Champion: Calvin Knapp


The battle for Lernerville Pick’Em supremacy took to another level in 2016 as over 120 players partook in the fun, shattering all previous records for participation more than three fold! Rookie Tom Illar took the early lead and looked to be in command until the halfway mark when he was overtaken by another rooke, Mr. Jarret Zendt. But 2015 runner up Phil Swartzlander had other ideas and took the lead late in the campaign on double points night, and held is ground on the final night to become the seventh different winner in the history of the game!  Behind him, Tyler Beichner wound up on the podium in second place and also winning the prestigous TDN Contributor Beer League Title! Zendt would hold on to the final podium spot, while long time veteran Kim Gerber overcame a rough start to take the fourth spot in the final standings:

For the full season in review with final standings, click here: 2016 Lernerville Pick’Em Season in Review

2016 Lernerville Pick’Em Champion: Phil Swartzlander
2016 TDN Beer League Contributor Champion: Tyler Beichner
2016 David James Gardham Memorial Rookie of the Year Award: Jarret Zendt
2016 Most Weekly Wins Award: Kim Gerber

Top 10 in Standings:

1. Phil Swartzlander- 517
2. Tyler Beichner- 509
3. Jarret Zendt- 507
3. Kim Gerber- 500
5. Flip Swartzlander- 498
6. Andrew Loria- 491
7. Fred Meija- 489
8. Brian Johnson- 480
9. Josh Bayko- 478
10. Garrett Mohrbacher- 474

Inaugural Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic Pick’Em Champion: Ken Marks (USA)
Inaugural Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic Pick’Em Australian Champion:  Darcy Stuart
3rd Annual DIRTCar Nationals Pick’Em Champion: Jason Houck (152 Entries)
Inaugural Lernerville Pick’Em Icebreaker Champion: Chris Habbyshaw
6th Annual Firecracker 100 Pick’Em Champion: Fred Mejia (212 Entries)
6th Annual Don Martin Silver Cup Pick’Em Champion John LoPresto (152 Entries)
3rd Annual Knoxville Nationals Pick’Em Champion: Andy Anderson (290 Entries)
3rd Annual World 100 Pick’Em Champion: Tyler Beichner  (171 Entries)
2nd Annual Super Dirt Week Pick’Em Champion: Cole Perkins, Jared Butcosk, and Mike Warren all tied with 175 points (119 Entries)
5th Annual World Finals Pick’Em Champion: Kyle Symons (344 Entries)

Perfect Games – Lernerville Pick’Em

2013 Kim Gerber selected 4 out of 4 possible winners on August 30, 2013 (Natural Perfect Game)
2013 Jeff Barnes selected all 4 winners with a wild card selection on August 30, 2013
2015: Gary Heeman selected all 4 winners with a wild card selection on June 19, 2015
2015: Kin Gerber selected all 4 winners (Natural Perfect Game) on August 14, 2015
2016: Chris Habbyshaw selected all for winners with a wild card selection on April 15, 2016

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