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TDN Original Commentaries/Columns

Part of the job that we love here at TDN is delivering on point commentaries that speak to the heart, mind and soul of every dirt fan. We provide opinion on topics that matter to fans, drivers, promoters and racing associated industries. So please check out any of the following and enjoy the more contemplative side of what we do here at TDN as brought to you by our fantastic team of motorsports journalists.

6 Great Reasons To Get To Grandview Speedway– Gary Heeman

The Ransomville Diaries– A Day In The Life at TDN- Gary Heeman

A Weekend At The #Fals- Kyle Symons

Pit Lizards; How to Win Them Over- Or Get You To Leave Them You Alone– Caitie McFarlane and Gary Heeman

The Dirt Network List of Dirty People We’d Most Like to Have A Beer With- TDN Team

How to Become a Bloomquist Fan; Even If You Can’t Stand Him- Gary Heeman

What’s In Your Dirt Racing Collection- Aaron Clay

10 Things About Dirt Racing That May Not Be Entirely True- Gary Heeman

Social Media and Race Monitor Help More Than Hurt- Gary Heeman

How to Persuade Non Racing Folks To Come To The Dirt Track– Gary Heeman

Efficiency Is The Key– Kyle Symons

TDN Guide To The Concession Stand– Gary Heeman

We Miss Open Haulers More Than We Realize- Gary Heeman

Super Dirt Week Spirit Larger Than Track  -Gary Heeman

A New Breed Of Promoter (Fred Rahmer) – Kyle Symons

Appreciate The Dominance (Schatz and J. Davenport) – Kyle Symons

What To Do After A Rainout – Gary Heeman

Going The Extra Mile On Track Prep  – Kyle Symons

A Promoters Worst Nightmare – Tyler Beichner

The Rigorous Road Of A Traveler – Tyler Beichner

World of Outlaws vs PA Posse; Why It’s Special – Kyle Symons

Does The Format Make The Racing – Kyle Symons

Seven Wonders Of The Dirt World – Tyler Beichner

The Battle For The Moody Mile – Gary Heeman

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled/Sanction Wars  – Gary Heeman

There Were More Cars Here Last Week, Weren’t There? – Gary Heeman

Rainouts In The Eyes of a Dirt Fan – Tyler Beichner

Life As A Racing Official – Jerin Steele

The NDRL Will Change The Late Model Landscape -Gary Heeman

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