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TDN Driver of the Week- Tyler Beichner

Contributor Tyler Beichner scours the nation’s circuits looking far and wide for drivers who’ve had a great week! There are some terrific against the odds stories, tales of dominating drivers doing what they do best, and shout outs for some drivers who don’t always get as much publicity as they should.

Please take some time and enjoy his complete list below by clicking the links, the driver’s that follow our DoW were given honorable mentions that week.

Week 17: Scott Bloomquist  Scott Bloomquist, Lance Dewease, Tim Fuller, Mason Zeigler
Week 16: Daryn Pittman Daryn Pittman, Lucas Wolfe, Gregg Satterlee, Christopher Bell
Week 15: Dale Blaney Dale Blaney, Darrell Lanigan, Donny Schatz, Kyle Moody
Week 14: Roger Crockett, Roger Crockett, Casey Roberts, Danny Holtgraver, Matt Sheppard
Week 13: Dale McDowell Dale McDowell, Tim McCreadie, Mark Keegan, Ronnie Johnson
Week 12:  Stewart Friesen  Stew Friesen, Don O’Neal, James McFadden, Dale McDowell
Week 11: Daryn Pittman Daryn Pittman, Stevie Smith, Tim McCreadie, Chris Ferguson
Week 10: Christopher Bell  Christopher Bell, Jack Haudenschield, Dean Jacobs, Craig Mintz
Week 9:  Shane Stewart  Shane Stewart, Daryl Lanigan, David Gravel, Billy Pauch Sr
Week 8: Shannon Babb Shannon Babb, Joey Saldana, Sammy Swindell, Greg Hodnett
Week 7: Bobby Pierce  Bobby Pierce, Don O’Neal, Daryn Pittman, Gary Tomkins
Week 6: Jonathan Davenport Davenport, Rico Abreu, Mike Marlar, Matt Sheppard, Danny Smith
Week 5: Dale Blaney Dale Blaney, Brad Sweet, Gregg Satterlee, Ryan Godown
Week 4: David Gravel David Gravel, Patrick Stasa, Billy Moyer, Rodney Sanders
Week 3: Kyle Strickler Kyle Strickler, Kyle Larson, Mason Zeigler, Blane Heimbach
Week 2: Rico Abreu Rico Abreu, Logan Schuchart, Adam Wilt
Week 1: Chris Madden Madden Claims Inaugural TDN Driver of the Week Award

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