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The DIRT Network Mission Statement

The mission of The Dirt Network administrators and contributors is to simply serve the dirt racing community including fans, drivers, tracks, sanctions, sponsors and racing related parts manufacturers and distributors. This is accomplished with our promotion of the sport by means of objective opinion, news gathering and sharing, increasing driver connectivity to the fan base, and also by offering sponsors and other industry related organizations another opportunity to get their message across.

We offer a gathering place for all passionate dirt racing community members to constructively submit their opinions free from the current trend of directing negativity towards any track, sanction, division, or driver.

Whether you are a Sprint, Late Model, Modified fan, or a fan of any other division that graces our area speedways, we will provide content to capture the interest of all, the information to help make choices on where get your dirt racing fix on any particular weekend, and the stories behind the drivers who put their heart and soul into their racing operations week in and week out.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer!’

-The Dirt Network



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