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43rd Annual DIRTcar Nationals Preview

By Tyler Beichner

Now that the month of February has rolled around, it’s time to start focusing on the nearly four straight weeks of racing that will be taking place in the states of Georgia and Florida. Well…”scheduled” races that is. The opening week of racing, which was set to take place at Bubba Raceway Park and East Bay Raceway Park, was basically washed out. It ultimately took 7 days to get in the first feature of February, and even that event was shortened by a dense fog that was smothering the track. For everybody’s sake, let’s hope that the sour weather has run its course!

Just like previous years, the highlight of the Florida/Georgia Speedweeks comes to us in the form of the 43rd running of the DIRTcar Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park. The 2014 DIRTcar Nationals will display arguably the top 4 divisions in the country over a 12-day stretch, with 11 of those days showcasing features for multiple classes.

By the time we reach the end of Speedweeks we will undoubtedly face more questions than answers. “Can he keep the points lead?”, “How long until so-and-so turns it around?”, and “That guy better figure things out quick or he’ll be in a world of trouble!” are all sayings that we will hear multiple times in the weeks following. Then again, isn’t uncertainty the aspect of the sport that keeps us ravaging fans coming back for more?

I’ll end on that note and leave you to enjoy our special edition of “The Dirt Network: 43rd Annual DIRTcar Nationals Preview”.

Volusia Speedway Park
Volusia Speedway Park is classified as a 1/2 mile clay oval. Located in Barberville, FL, it is known for producing lightning-fast and at times scary speeds. The track is banked just enough in the corners to allow hammer-down driving virtually all night long. The fastest lap ever turned at the speedway took place in 2011 during a DIRTcar Nationals time trial session when Paul McMahan clocked in at 12.569 seconds which equates to a blistering average speed of 143.209 mph. Here is a link to a short clip that should give you a good feel for what the track is like

Tues., Feb. 11th- Opening day for the UMP Mods ($1,500 to win) plus open 410 Sprint practice

Wed., Feb 12th- Opening day for All Star Sprints($5,000 to win) plus UMP Mods ($1,000 to win)

Thurs., Feb. 13th- All Star Sprints ($5,000 to win) plus UMP Mods ($1,000 to win)

Fri., Feb. 14th- Opening day for World of Outlaw Sprints plus UMP Mods ($1,000 to win)

Sat., Feb. 15th- World of Outlaw Sprints plus UMP Mods ($700 to win)

Sun., Feb. 16th- World of Outlaw Sprints plus UMP Mods ($700 to win)

Mon., Feb. 17th- Opening day for UMP Late Models ($7,000 to win) plus UMP Mods ($5,000 to win)

Tues., Feb. 18th- UMP Late Models ($7,000 to win) plus UMP Mods (Multiple features paying $600)

Wed., Feb. 19th- Opening day for Super DIRTcar Series plus UMP Late Models ($10,000 to win)

Thurs., Feb. 20th- Opening day for WoO Late Models ($10,000 to win) plus Super DIRTcar Series

Fri., Feb. 21st- World of Outlaw Late Models ($10,000 to win) plus Super DIRTcar Series

Sat., Feb 22nd- World of Outlaw Late Models ($10,000 to win) plus Super DIRTcar Series

Grand Prize
With so many high-paying shows over such a short span of days, the total purse for the 12 day stretch has to be an ungodly figure that none of us would want to shoulder. Just to put into perspective how much money we’re talking about, the winners alone will be taking home roughly $130,000 in feature winnings.

Video Coverage

  • Dirtvision
    • Backed by World Racing Group, Dirtvision will provide a live video feed of every night of racing at the fast paced half-mile. The event is split into two week-long packages. Package 1 will give viewers the chance to see the 410 Sprint Cars and UMP Mods from Feb. 11th to Feb. 16th. Package 2 will grant access to viewers for the remaining six events featuring the super late models and Super DIRTcar big block modifieds. The cost of purchasing one package is $69.99. Single-day coverage will also be available for purchase on the days of the event. Additionally, Dirtvision will provide a live audio feed that users can listen to for free. Sign up now and proceed to buy your package of preference on their newly revamped website
    • The premier dirt late model site in the world provides top-notch video coverage of numerous late model races from coast to coast. is geared up for Florida Speedweeks, and to top it off they will be covering the late model portion of the DIRTcar Nationals. Their six-day package, which will include super late models along with all of the big block modified racing, runs at a reasonable price of $64.99. Single day packages for that week are also available for $21.99 a night. Register and reserve your video package now at
For race news, notes, and updates follow us on twitter at @TheDirtNetwork and Facebook at For additional coverage on twitter you can follow @worldofoutlaws, @ASCOC, @WoOLateModels, @SuperDIRTcar, @VolusiaSpeedway, and @DIRTcarNats.

To keep up with the frenzy of racing that has gone on in Florida this month, you can also follow along on our Florida Scoreboard page dedicated solely to Florida in February results for all things dirt. 

UMP Modifieds 

The always popular UMP Modified class (emods for you northeastern statesmen) is featured on the card for the first 8 events of the DIRTcar Nationals. After kicking off with four nights of racing with a minimum of $1,000 to win, the field will be split in half for the weekend to establish the qualifying nights for the “Gator Championship”. The first half will run on Saturday Feb. 15th, while the remaining drivers will compete on Sunday Feb. 16th. The ensuing evening will be the biggest payday when the competitors will compete for the “Gator Championship” and grand prize of $5,000. The UMP Mods will then run three 20-lap features on Tuesday night each paying $600 to win. Theoretically, every driver that has stuck around that long will be able to contest in one of the triple-20’s.

The UMP Modifieds are a popular division across a multitude of states. Here are the names of a few drivers that have started their 2014 campaign out strong already and a few more that you’ll certainly want to keep an eye on…. Kyle Bronson, Devin Gilpin, Dale Mathison, Kyle Strickler, Austin Dillon, Ty Dillon, Kenny Wallace, Ken Schrader, David Stremme, David Reutimann, Matt Cooper, Matt Westfall, & Billy Workman, Jr.

World of Outlaws and All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Cars

The high-powered, fire-breathing, mud-slinging 410 sprint cars will be the highlight of the DIRTcar Nationals during 5 of the 12 scheduled nights from Wednesday Feb. 12th to Sunday Feb. 16th and will be accompanied by the UMP Modifieds each evening. The first two shows will run under the All Star Circuit of Champions banner and pay $5,000 to the winner both nights. The onslaught continues for three more nights as the premier dirt series in the world, the World of Outlaws Sprint Cars, will take center stage for three consecutive days of racing. The DIRTcar Nationals kicks off the points for the World of Outlaws and it appears as though 14 competitors will be vying for the top spot in the standings. The following is a driver’s list that I have compiled based on social websites and last year’s drivers. Expect right around
40 cars to be in competition each night.

0 – Glenn Styres            1 – Sammy Swindell           1a – Jacob Allen             1s – Logan Schuchart
4 – Cody Darrah           4s – Danny Smith                 6 – Bill Rose               H07 – Justin Henderson
07- Mark Coldren         7s – Jason Sides                   9 – Daryn Pittman        9w – Jac Haudenschild
10- Dave Blaney        10H – Danny Holtgraver         11 – Steve Kinser          11K – Kraig Kinser
14K-Dale Blaney          15 – Donny Schatz             15H – Sam Hafertepe      17B – Steve Buckwalter
w20-Greg Wilson       21K – Lou Kennedy               24 – Terry McCarl           24 – Rico Abreu
27 – Greg Hodnett        28 – Brian Paulus               29 – Kerry Madsen          40 – Caleb Helmse
45 – Tim Shaffer          48 – Danny Dietrich            49 – Brad Sweet             51 – Paul McMahan
19M- Brent Marks        59 – David Gravel               63 – Chad Kemenah     71M – Joey Saldana
77x- Wayne Johnson    80 – Trey Gustin                 83 – Christopher Bell      83 – Tim Kaeding
33 – Danny Lasoski

2014 World of Outlaws Sprint Schedule

World of Outlaws and UMP Late Models

Contesting for a scheduled six straight nights, Monday Feb. 17th to Saturday Feb. 22nd, during the DIRTcar Nats will be the super late models. Nights 1, 2 and 3 will be run under the UMP Late Model sanction for $7,000 on the first two nights and $10,000 the third night. The World of Outlaws Late Models will headline the card for the final three nights each paying $10,000 to win. The UMP Modifieds will accompany the late models during the two opening nights. The final four nights of the DIRTcar Nationals will see the Super DIRTcar series big block modifieds pack the pit area alongside the super late models. Using a variety of social media outlets and race results from 2014 and previous years, here is a list of some of the drivers that you could likely see in Barberville.

0 – Scott Bloomquist          1 – Brandon Sheppard           1* – Chub Frank          2 – Brady Smith
4ds- Chad Hollenbeck        5 – Eric Jacobsen                   5 – Don O’Neal         5s – Steve Shaver
6s- Jonathan Davenport    7R- Kent Robinson                7L – Jerry Lierly       7W – Ricky Weiss
11- Pat Doar                  14M- Morgan Bagley                15 – Steve Francis     16 – Justin Rattliff
17M- Dale McDowell          18 – Eric Wells                     18 – Shannon Babb     19 – Tim Fuller
20 – Jimmy Owens         20R – Stormy Scott                 21 – Chris Brown         21 – Billy Moyer
21F- Todd Frank            21jr – Billy Moyer Jr              21D – Dan Stone           22 – Gregg Satterlee
22 – Chris Ferguson         23 – John Blankenship            24 – Rick Eckert         25 – Shane Clanton
25B- Mike Benedum       25z – Mason Zeigler                 28 – Dennis Erb Jr      28 – Jimmy Mars
28c- Eddie Carrier Jr       29 – Darrell Lanigan               32 – Bobby Pierce     32C – Vic Coffey
38 – Kenny Pettyjohn       39 – Tim McCreadie               44 – Clint Smith         44 – Earl Pearson Jr
44M- Chris Madden         53 – Ray Cook                        57 – Chuck Julien     57J – Bub McCool
77 – Jason McBride          81 – Brian Shirley                   91 – Billy Decker      91P – Jason Papich
99M- Devin Moran         101 – Casey Roberts               111 – Max Blair         116 – Randy Weaver
201- Billy Ogle Jr               2 – Dennis Franklin              12 – Jason Hughes     00 – Russel Brown Jr

2014 World of Outlaws Late Model Schedule

Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modifieds
Last but certainly not least, Volusia Speedway Park and the DIRTcar Nationals will play host to the Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modifieds for the final four nights of racing action. While this is a wildly popular division to the northeastern part of the United States, this is only one of two opportunities they have to race out of their region…the other being The Dirt Track at Charlotte for the World Finals. Florida Speedweeks will not count for series points, but it does gives drivers a great opportunity to run for big money, tune their cars, and knock the rust off against other top-tiered competitors before they begin their weekly and series racing back home. The big block mods will begin their assault on Volusia on Wednesday Feb. 19th and run through until their final night on Saturday Feb. 22nd. They will be accompanied by a $10,000 to win super late model show during each event that they participate in. For those that do not live in the northeast and haven’t gotten a chance to see the beasts in action, don’t miss your chance. If you can’t make it to the track be sure to tune into DIRTVISION or to get a taste of what this division is all about.

It is always hard to tell which drivers may or may not go. With these four scheduled non-points races being so far away from their locale, guessing who will make an appearance is almost a complete shot in the dark. Here is a list of guys that I wouldn’t be surprised to see in the Sunshine State.

Kevin Albert              Andy Bachetti              Rob Bellinger            Justin Bohler           Peter Britten
Yan Bussiere             Roger Chrysler            Mario Clair                Billy Decker            Keith Flach
Stewart Friesen         Darwin Greene            Justin Haers              Brett Hearn             J.R. Heffner
Jimmy Horton           Steve Hough                Tim Kerr                  Rick Laubach         Jamie Mills
C.G. Morey              Daniel Nadeau              Billy Pauch               Eldon Payne           Jimmy Phelps
Anthony Perrego       Dale Planck                 Rich Scagliotta          Matt Sheppard        Jeremy Wilder
Billy VanInwegen      Mat Williamson            Neal Williamson        Danny Johnson

2014 Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modified Schedule



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