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Fab Four Preview- Week 3

It looks grey, but it’s okay and though it’ll be a little cool (leave your whining at the door and bring a hoody and a thermos) it’s another Fab Four Friday at Lernerville.

When we left off two weeks ago, we saw a former track champion put on a dominating performance in Sprints, A survival of the fittest contest in Late Models, and two front runners break early and neutralize the point effect in Modifieds.  And in stocks, we saw the return of a formidable opponent making his 2014 debut.

Tonight is Dollar Energy Auction night with prizes and raffles including ticket packages and much more, and all you need is a dollar, so search your couch cushions thoroughly, look in the washer/dryer, there’s bound to be four quarters somewhere in your house. So bring your dollar, as many as you can afford, because you might just get lucky and win some free racing and as we all know there’s not much that tops free racing!

Speaking of winning stuff, Lernerville Pickem season 5 is in full swing and it’s a tight points battle. 2010 champion Jason Stearns currently sits on top of the standings, Canadian fantasy legend Frank Iudiciani, modified driver Brad Rapp and newcomers James Barber and Chris Habbyshaw are right on his heels coming into this Friday’s action! By the way, even if you’re pretty far our in the standings or haven’t played at all, Lernerville Speedway has pledged some prizes for any player that can pick 4 winners in one night, what we commonly call a perfect game! So play anyway just remember to get your picks in before noon. Lernerville Pickem

Now then, about those races tonight….

Carl Bowser has 1 win and 1 2nd place finish thus far in 2014


Locally, Carl Bowser has looked the fastest so far at the action track, and it’s not even been close as he’s garnered a win and a 2nd in two fab four Friday’s so far. The big question is who will be providing something in the manner of a chase. Jack Sodeman Jr has been a quiet soul so far but that won’t be the case for long and Cory Good has made himself a fixture in the top 5 so far in 2014. Right behind them stand Eric Williams, Brandon Spithaler and Brandon Matus. The three young guns have had some rough starts in the first two races but are looking to breakout soon and tonight is as good a night as any. Also in the mix, and he’ll be there tonight too, is NY’s Jared Zimbardi who may have something to say in the matter as he currently sits 3rd in points. Tonight, we’ll see either Bowser gain some separation, or the top 5 tighten up even more.

Late Models:

Like Bowser, Russ King has had a great start with a win and a 2nd so far but Alex Feree sits only two points behind. Jared Miley has had a rough start so far in 2014 and might be a good choice to gain some momentum with a win tonight. And though hardly anybody talks about it, the consistency of Brian Swartzlander can’t be overlooked. He’s been close to earning that first win in a late model a few times and it should surprise absolutely nobody should it happen sooner rather than later.


Last week, a door may have opened. Both title contenders, Mat Williamson and Swartzlander suffered mechanical gremlins and retired early opening the door for a pair of King’s. Rex King Sr, and Jr currently sit atop the standings while Brad Rapp occupies the third spot with Dave Murdick in fourth and the favorites tied for fifth.  Just remember, an open door is only as good as you can take advantage of it, and if either King can come out on top tonight it would go a long way to making it a 3 or 4 car battle to the finish. Former champion Jeremiah Shingledecker has had bad luck twice so far which means that the odds of him continuing to do so is very slim so he could very play a factor in tonight’s podium as well.


He missed the opening week, so his title hopes are not dashed, but damaged. But nevertheless, Mike Miller is back and looks ready to supply some pressure to defending champion Corey McPherson. Mark Sanders proved last time out that his week 1 performance was no fluke and appears to be a player in the mix all season long while Jim Fosnaught, Rob Shook and Terry Young round out the top 5. Can Joe Kelley be a factor again? Absolutely and it’s not out of the realm to think tonight might be the night for him, or Pat Hanley perhaps. It’s the best race of the night on a lot of nights, be sure to stay around for it no matter how cold you are!

Alright folks, hit the clock this afternoon and head to the track, looks like a great night of racing!





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