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Western Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 3

So yeah, I know, I said there would be up every Monday evening and it’s actually Tuesday morning. Let me explain myself on this one. Yesterday was my wife and I’s wedding anniversary, and I took her out to dinner. Plus it was our first night out alone after the birth of our baby girl 3 months ago. I wasn’t going to put a damper on all of that by diverting my attention to dirt late models. I would have caught a bunch of shit over it, and frankly, some things are more important than racing.

That said, there wasn’t a whole of shaking up this weekend. Marion Center, PPMS, McKean County and America’s Motorsports Park all rained out, and Racing for Hero’s Speedway doesn’t start their season until next week. That left Lernerville, Bedford, Roaring Knob, Eriez and Dog Hollow (who utilized a Sunday raindate for their program after raining out Friday. By all accounts it was rather successful. Maybe a move to Sunday evenings would be a good move for them instead of competing with Lernerville and Bedford for cars, they’d only have to compete with Eriez, and those Eriez regulars rarely come south to race anyways).

Anyways, without much further adieu, lets get to some rankings.

1. Mike Blose, 12 points: Mike vaults to the top of these rankings despite only running once this weekend, out at Dog Hollow. He finished second, yet another top five at a scoring track. In fact, every week of these rankings he’s finished in the top 3 wherever he runs. For a guy who threatens retirement every year, he’s certainly not showing the kind of results that show he isn’t lving racing so much anymore.

2. Clate Copeman, 9 points: Clate didn’t finish in the top 5 at the only scoring track he ran this week, but his previous results keep him right near the top of these rankings.

2. Russ King, 9 points: Russ only ran one scoring track this weekend, Lernerville, but came home with the win, backing up his second from two weeks ago. He’s started the season very hot, and looks to be in the mix for the late model championship at Lernerville. It makes me think he should have ran there weekly right off the bat in late models instead of venturing out on the road with the WoO, but that’s a different story.

3. Alex Ferree, 8 points: Alex came home third this past week at Lernerville to back up his win from two weeks ago to keep him near the rankings too. The season long points battle at Lernerville between Alex and Russ King is going to be fun to watch for sure.

 3. Mike Knight, 8 points: The always competitive Knight picked up the win at Eriez backing up his third from last week to stay within shot of the lead.  I look for the points battle at Eriez bewtween Mike and Robbie Blair to be a lot of fun as the season goes on too.

3. Brandon Delano, 8 points: Brandon stays near the top of these rankings too, despite not scoring a top 5 any scoring track this week.

3. Rob Blair, 8 points: Rob ran third this week up at Eriez to remain tied for third on this poll. As I said last week, up in the “northern tier” Rob has to be the favorite just about every week at both Eriez and McKean. This week was no different than previous weeks as he was right in the mix, but ultimately got third.

8. Darrell Bossard, 8 points: Darrell Backs up his third last week at Eriez with a second at the very same place. Gotta think with great results like that that a win is eminent. That would be cool, as he’s afairly low budgeted racer and I always like to see those guys win.

4. Chris Hackett, 7 points: Chris finished outside the scoring positions this week, but previous weeks have kept him near the top of the rankings. I’d bet the returns to the top 5 at both Eriez and McKean soon. He’s always fast at those places.

5. Tim Senic, 6 points: Tim brought home another third to double his point total for the year. He’s always fast at “The Knob” (and Elkins too, but that doesn’t count for these rankings, because it’s in West Virginia), so it should be no surprise he was in the mix.

Well that’s it for this week. I’ll be back to Monday evenings as usual next week.



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