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Western Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 4

Hey kids, It’s Monday night so It’s time for my weekly update to the rankings. This week, only Lernerville, Dog Hollow, PPMS, Eriez and AMP scored. McKean, Marion Center and Bedford had specials. Roaring Knob had tractor pulls instead of races.

Racing for Heros Raceway can’t be bothered to put out press releases for their races even three full days later, so they’re no longer going to be a scoring track and will not count towards these rankings.

Anyways, lets get to the rankings.

1. Alex Ferree, 16 points. Alex regained the top spot on these rankings with a win at PPMS Saturday and a third Friday at Lernerville. He’s clearly having another great season.

2. Clate Copeman, 14 points. Clate picked up the win at Dog Hollow this weekend to remain second in these rankings. He didn’t run so well at Marion Center, but it doesn’t count towards these rankings because they had a special.

3. Mike Blose, 12 points. Mike stays near the top despite not racing at a scoring track this weekend.  He ran fourth at Marion Center though.

4. Duane Stiner, 11 points. Duane moves into the top ten with a win at America’s Motorsports Park. I will admit I don’t know much about this guy, but he’s apparently damn good at AMP.

4. Russ King, 11 points. “Wreck Em” Russ ran fourth at Lernerville on Friday. I’d like to deduct points for his bullshit slide job on Doug Eck that could have ended up in tragedy though. I can’t wait until someone gets tired of his shit and gives him the ass whopping he deserves.

5. Darrell Bossard, 9 points. Darrell picked up yet another top five with a fourth at Eriez Sunday. He’s damn good up there in the northern tier. I never expected him to remain near the top of these rankings, but if he continues running the way he is, he’s definitely going to.

6. Ron Delano, 8 points. Ron ran second at Dog Hollow Friday to move into the top ten on these rankings. He’s one of those guys that’s under-the-radar good. He doesn’t run the area’s big specials all that often, but he’s always in the hunt whenever he’s in the field.

6. Mike Knight, 8 points. Mike stays in the top ten despite chasing NDRL Northeast races all weekend.

6. Brandon Delano, 8 points. Brandon stays in the top ten even though he didn’t run any scoring tracks this weekend. I don’t think he ran any tracks this weekend.

6. Rob Blair, 8 points. Much like Mike Knight, Rob was chasing the NDRL all weekend, but stays in the top ten based on previous finishes this season.

So that’s the top ten. See yinz jags next week.



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