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Western Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 10

Hey folks, it’s Monday evening and that means it’s time for the weekly update of my rankings. This week was kind of a crazy one for the local late model scene and these rankings.

 McKean County Raceway has dropped super late models as their headline class, and therefore, are no longer a scoring track in my rankings. I would could add a re-opening Stateline in MCR’s place because the field is likely to be mostly the same dudes who showed up at MCR every week… but it’s in New York, not Pennsylvania.

Dog Hollow had a special so it didn’t score this week. Bedford tried to have a special Thursday, but it rained out. Lernerville had a non-wing sprint special and gave late models the night off.

PPMS, Marion Center, Roaring Knob, AMP and Eriez all ran regular late model shows on their designated nights, and thusly, the drivers that finished in the top five were scored for these rankings.

So let’s get to those rankings.

1. Alex Ferree, 42 points. Alex continues his stranglehold on these rankings this week with a win at PPMS. I didn’t see his name in the results anywhere Friday.

2. Duane Stiner, 31 points. Duane jumps all the way up to the second spot on these rankings with a win Saturday night at AMP. He also ran Dog Hollow’s show Friday and had a rough night, finishing 22nd.

2. Mike Blose, 31 points. Mike didn’t score any points this week. He ran Dog Hollow’s special Friday and came home a disappointing 19th. He also ran Marion Center’s regular show Saturday and finished an uncharacteristic 12th.

3. Clate Copeman, 29 points. For the second straight week, no points for Clate. He ran Dog Hollow Friday, coming home 24th. Didn’t see his name listed on Saturday anywhere.

3. Rob Blair, 29 points. Rob picked up three points for finishing third up at Eriez last night. He had a big Saturday night, picking up the win at Stateline’s big opening night special.

4. Luke Hoffner, 27 points. Luke scored his points this week at AMP, where he came home second. He alos ran Clinton County Friday, where he picked up the win.

5. Max Blair, 26 points. Max didn’t score any points this week. He had one of those forgettable weekends. He ran dead last at Eriez and it looks like he attempted to qualify at Eriez, but isn’t listed in the feature results.

6. Shawn Claar, 21 points. Shawn didn’t score any points either. He ran fifth at Dog Hollow Friday and dead last at Marion Center Saturday.

6. Doug Glessner, 21 points. Doug ran fourth at Marion center Saturday to pick up two points. Didn’t see his name listed anywhere else all weekend.

Russ King and Ron Delano remain tied for 7th with 18 points this week and neither scored any points. I didn’t see either’s name listed in any results anywhere this weekend.

That’s it for this week folks. I’ll see yinz jags next week, same bat time, same bat channel.



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