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The Dirt Network’s Crate List- July 2014 Western PA Crate Late Model Rankings

“The Crate List” July 2014

 Welcome back to The Dirt Network’s monthly crate late model rankings page. June was another great month for crate racing as races we feature on this page were again scored for 7 different tracks. Specials at Dog Hollow, Roaring Knob, Potomac, and Winchester were supported by weekly races at Sharon, Pittsburgh Motor Speedway, Marion Center, Dog Hollow, and Roaring Knob.
The Crate list will follow this format, I will be looking at weekly and touring race results for the crate tracks in the area with emphasis on the Fastrak and RUSH series. So here is The Crate List for July!

 1. Rick Singleton – Call him “Mr. Touring race” after winning three RUSH tour races in a row at Roaring Knob, Potomac, and Winchester respectively. The former super late driver is at the top of the crate game wherever they decide to race. Rick moves form honorable mention to the captains chair for July’s list.
2. Ryan Montgomery – three top 5 finishes in the Rush tour races in June at Roaring Knob, Potomac, and Winchester moved “Flyin Ryan” into the top 5 from the Honorable Mention class. Ryan currently leads the RUSH touring points and is 3rd in RUSH weekly points
3. Andrew Satterlee – May wins rolled into June with 2 more victories, a second and a fourth at Marion Center along with, a weekly win and the Thunder Dog 25 winner at Dog Hollow capped another strong June for “Dews”

4. Mike Laughard.- 2 wins and 2 second place finishes to Andrew Satterlee at Marion Center followed up with a 2nd place at Dog Hollow helped jump our third honorable mention driver from last month onto this month’s list.

5. Michael Lake-staying as the gatekeeper in the #5 spot, Michael got a win and two 3rd place finishes at Roaring Knob.

Honorable Mention

Keep an eye on these drivers, they are knocking on the top 5’s door!

1. Dennis Lunger – 2 wins at Sharon for the month of June
2  Cody Dawson – 2 top 5 finishes on the RUSH tour
3. Nico Dabecco – 2 top 5’s at PPMS
4. Andrew Wylie – a win at PPMS and 2nd place at Roaring Knob

5. Alan Dellinger – 2 top three finishes at Sharon

Here were the average car counts for May in the Crate Late Model division.
SHARON   10, 14, 18  avg = 14
MARION CENTER   7, 6, 9, 9, 3  avg = 6
DOG HOLLOW    18, 17, 11,  avg = 15
ROARING KNOB  29, 16, 12, 14,  avg = 17
PITTSBURGH    15, 18    avg = 16
POTOMAC   22 cars
WINCHESTER   27 cars

RUSH  – Sunday, July 20 Humberstone Speedway (Port Colborne, ON, Can) $2,000 to-win
(“Canadian National Late Model Championship”)

Well thats it, that’s the list for June! See Yinz at the races! – Brian “Dobie” Compton



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