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Schatz wins 5th Silver Cup and Darrah Gets Redemption in the Second A Main

Schatz and Darrah in Victory Lane
By Jerin Steele
Donny Schatz made a lap 15 pass on Paul McMahan and held off Kerry Madsen to win the first A Main of the Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup Tuesday night.
“Paul changed his line when we were able to get by him,” Schatz said beside his Tony Stewart Racing STP backed sprinter. “I kinda had to wait for it to come to me and get in the right spot to get around him.”
McMahan and local favorite Ed Lynch, Jr led the field to green and it was McMahan who jumped out to the early advantage. He would pull away early while the Kerry Madsen, Daryn Pittman and Schatz were able to get by Lynch.
A caution slowed the field on lap nine when Shane Stewart spun at the end of the front stretch. By that time Schatz had worked his way around both Madsen and Pittman to move into the second spot.
When the field restarted Schatz went to work on McMahan and got by him briefly on lap 12, but McMahan was able to power back by to maintain the lead momentarily.
The current World of Outlaws points leader made the winning move on lap 15 as he was able to get by the CJB Motorsports 51 car.
“Once I was able to get by him I just tried to play it cool in lapped traffic,” Schatz said.
Meanwhile 17th starting Dale Blaney was on the move as he broke into the top five at the mid point of the race. Madsen and Blaney were able to reel in McMahan and both made a pass on him to move up a spot before Cole Duncan and Cody Darrah tangled to bring out a caution on lap 25.
The field returned to green for two laps but was halted when Danny Holtgraver flipped on the front stretch to bring the red flag. Holtgraver was ok, but the safety crew attended to Jack Sodeman, Jr in between turns one and two. He left in the ambulance with an injury and did not start the second feature.
UPDATE: According to Sodeman’s Twitter page when Holtgraver flipped his car came inside the cage of his sprinter and broke his leg. We wish Jack a speedy recovery.
The red flag set up a three lap shootout between Schatz and Madsen. Schatz worked the low line and Madsen rocketed around the top, but could not gain any ground on Schatz.
“The surface has always been great here,” Schatz said. “When a track slicks off like this you have to drive the car a lot differently. It is a drivers track. You can have the best motor and it really doesn’t mean much here.”
Madsen settled for second which made it eight straight podiums for the Australian.
Blaney took third followed by McMahan and Pittman.
Second A Main
A year ago it seemed that Cody Darrah was on his way to his first Lernerville win when he suffered a flat tire in the late stages of the race. This time Darrah didn’t suffer any ill fates and was able to get the victory.
“We came close here last year and had the flat,” Darrah said. “To be able to come here, start on the pole and win means a lot to our guys.”
Darrah and current Lernerville points leader Carl Bowser paced the field to green in the second main event.
It was Darrah who took the lead on the start and third starting Danny Dietrich followed him into second place. Dietrich used  the low line and got a good run off of turn two to obtain the top spot early in the event.
Dietrich continued to use the bottom part of the speedway to his liking until he got into lapped traffic and fell back into the clutches of Darrah who got back by him.
The driver of the Sandoe’s Fruit Markets backed number 48 lost his brakes midway through the race making it tricky to run on the slicked off Lernerville surface.
“I had a left rear seal over me on in the first feature and in the second one I kinda knew where to be,” Dietrich said. “We set up to run the bottom and it worked. We were really fast. I think we had the car to beat until we lost the brakes between lap seven and ten.”
Darrah tried the high groove a couple of times and Dietrich would inch closer to him, but the driver of the Kasey Kahne Racing Ollie’s Bargain Outlets sprinter prevailed in a non stop main event.
“I had to stay up top to get by Danny, but once I passed him I moved down to run the best line,” Darrah said.
For Dietrich it was a great night considering he wasn’t planning on coming to Lernerville until late yesterday.
“Cody ran a great race. Congrats to him,” Dietrich said. “We came out here looking for some speed going into a big weekend and to run second was a bonus for us.”

Tim Shaffer was on the bumper of Dietrich for the runner up spot for the second half of the race, but settled for third.
A seventh place finish in race two secured the overall title for Schatz and tied him for most all time with Mark Kinser at five.
Brad Sweet was the first to take to the track in time trials and his lap held up over the field of 35 cars.
David Gravel, McMahan, Madsen, and Jason Sides won the heat races and Logan Schuchart was able to win a spirited battle with Steve Kinser to take the Last Chance Showdown.
For full results check out Eric Westendorf’s page here Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup Quick Results.

The 23rd running of the Don Martin Silver Cup looks as if it’ll run a under a chamber of commerce type weather outlook. Here you can keep up with the action in as close to real time as we can manage. Our own Jerin Steele is live at Lernerville and will have a recap of tonight’s action later on!

Tonight’s Schedule:

Motor Heat: 6:45 PM

Hot Laps: 7:00 PM (ish)

Time trials: 7:15 PM

followed by Opening Ceremonies

Heats: 8:00 PM (8 Laps)

followed by

Dash Draw/Intermission

Dash (6 Laps)

Last Chance Showdown (12 Laps)

AMain #1 (30 Laps)

AMain #2 (30 Laps, lead lap finishers from Amain #1 will be inverted for starting position)


There are 35 cars in the pits tonight. Here’s tonight’s Hot Lap and Qualifying Groups:

Tonight’s Roster By Name:

49- Brad Sweet
81- Lee Jacobs
7s- Jason Sides
9- Daryn Pittman
48 Danny Dietrich
2L Ed Lynch Jr
29 Kerry Madsen
49X Cole Duncan
33 Brent Matus
4 Cody Darrah
15 Donny Schatz
83 David Gravel
1a Jacob Allen
10 Carl Bowser
2 Shane Stewart
35 Jared Zimbardi
93 Sheldon Haudenschield
1s Logan Shuchart
63 Chad Keneman
23 Jack Sodeman Jr
5W Lucas Wolfe
24 Rico Abreu
2AJ  AJ Flick
10 Danny Holtgraver
4K Bill Kiley
45 Tim Shaffer
71M Joey Saldana
RG3 Logan Wagner
11 Steve Kinser
11K Kraig Kinser
51 Paul McMahan
19M Brent Marks
14K Dale Blaney
22 Brandon Spithaler

Hot Laps

The Steel City Outlaw, Tim Shaffer and former track champion Danny Holtgraver along with Chad Kemenah, Jack Sodeman Jr  Rico Abreu and Joey Saldana were all under 14 seconds.  Saldana turned the fastest hot lap.

Time Trials:

Brad Sweet is your fastest in time trials, and in surprising fashion local competitor Jack Sodeman Jr was seventh fastest overall while Lernerville ASCoC winner back in May, Lee Jacobs took a eyebrow raising sixth.

Brad Sweet- 13.580
Donny Schatz- 13.597
Kerry Madsen- 13.630
Daryn Pittman- 13.703
Ed Lynch Jr- 13.713
Lee Jacobs- 13.737
Jack Sodeman Jr- 13.813
Danny Holtgraver- 13.826
Cody Darrah- 13.826
Paul McMahan- 13.848
Shane Stewart- 13.864
Jason Sides- 13.900
David Gravel- 13.902
Danny Dietrich- 13.956
Cole Duncan- 13.982
Tim Shaffer- 13.992
Dale Blaney- 14.002
Jared Zimbardi- 14.048
Carl Bowser- 14.080
Kraig Kinser- 14.082
Logan Schuchart- 14.087
Chad Kemenah- 14.092
Brandon Matus- 14.115
Joey Saldana- 14.135
Lucas Wolfe- 14.135
Steve Kinser- 14.159
Rico Abreu- 14.168
Brandon Spithaler- 14.175
Sheldon Haudenschield-14.221
Logan Wagner- 14.294
Brent Marks- 14.324
Jacob Allen- 14.332
Brent Matus- 14.669
AJ Flick- 14.881
Bill Kiley- 15.896

Opening ceremonies are now on the track!


Heat 1 Lineup:

David Gravel- Cody Darrah
Ed Lynch Jr – Brad Sweet
Dale Blaney – Logan Schuchart
Lucas Wolfe – Sheldon Haudenschield
Brent Matus

Heat 1 Finish:

1.David Gravel 2. Cody Darrah 3. Brad Sweet 4. Ed Lynch Jr 5. Dale Blaney 6.Lucas Wolfe 7.Sheldon Haudenschield 8. Logan Schuchart 9. Brent Matus

Heat 2 Lineup:

Danny Dietrich – Paul McMahan
Lee Jacobs – Donny Schatz
Jared Zimbardi – Chad Kemenah
Steve Kinser – Logan Wagner
AJ Flick:

Heat 2 Finish:

1.Paul McMahan  2.Danny Dietrich 3. Donny Schatz  4.Lee Jacobs  5.Logan Wagner  6.Chad Kemenah  7.Steve Kinser 8.Jared Zimbardi  9.AJ Flick

Heat 3 Lineup:

Cole Duncan – Shane Stewart
Jack Sodeman Jr – Kerry Madsen
Carl Bowser – Brandon Matus
Rico Abreu – Brent Marks
Bill Kiley

Heat 3 Finish

1.Kerry Madsen  2.Shane Stewart  3.Cole Duncan  4.Jack Sodeman Jr  5.Carl Bowser  6.Rico Abreu  7,Brent Marks  8.Brandon Matus  9.Bill Kiley

Heat 4 Lineup:

Tim Shaffer – Jason Sides
Danny Holtgraver – Daryn Pittman
Kraig Kinser – Joey Saldana
Brandon Spithaler – Jacob Allen

Heat 4 Finish

1.Jason Sides  2.Daryn Pittman  3.Tim Shaffer  4.Joey Saldana 5. Danny Holtgraver  6.Kraig Kinser  7.Brandon Spithaler 8.  Jacob Allen

Dash Lineup:

Paul McMahan – Ed Lynch Jr
Daryn Pittman – Kerry Madsen
Donny Schatz – Brad Sweet
Jason Sides – David Gravel

Dash Finish:

1.Paul McMahan  2.Ed Lynch Jr 3. Daryn Pittman  4.Kerry Madsen  5.Donny Schatz  6.Brad Sweet  7.Jason Sides  8.David Gravel

Last Chance Showdown Lineup:

Jared Zimbardi – Kraig Kinser
Logan Shuchart – Chad Kenemah
Brandon Matus – Lucas Wolfe
Steve Kinser – Rico Abreu
Brandon Spithaler – Sheldon Haudenschield
Brent Marks – Jacob Allen
Brent Matus – AJ Flick
Bill Kiley

Last Chance Showdown Finish:

1.Steve Kinser  2.Logan Schuchart 3. Jared Zimbardi  4.Chad Kenemah  5.Brandon Matus  6.Brent Marks  7.Sheldon Haudenschield 8. Lucas Wolfe 9. Rico Abreu 10.Jacob Allen  11.Brent Matus  12.AJ Flick  13.Bill Kiley 14.Kraig Kinser 15. Brandon Spithaler

Feature 1 lineup:

Paul McMahan – Ed Lynch Jr
Daryn Pittman – Kerry Madsen
Donny Schatz – Brad Sweet
David Gravel – Jason Sides
Lee Jacobs – Jack Sodeman Jr
Danny Holtgraver – Cody Darrah
Shane Stewart – Danny Dietrich
Cole Duncan – Tim Shaffer
Dale Blaney – Jared Zimbardi
Carl Bowser – Logan Schuchart
Chad Kenemah – Joey Saldana
Steve Kinser – Logan Wagner
Kraig Kinser – Brandon Matus
Brent Matus

Feature 1 Finish:

1. Donny Schatz  2.Kerry Madsen 3. Dale Blaney  4.Paul McMahan  5. Daryn Pittman  6. Brad Sweet  7.Jason Sides 8. Steve  Kinser  9. David Gravel 10. Tim Shaffer 11. Lee Jacobs  12. Shane Stewart  13. Logan Shuchart  14. Ed Lynch Jr  15. Danny Dietrich  16. Carl Bowser  17. Cody Darrah  18. Jared Zimbardi  19. Logan Wagner  20. Chad Kenemah  21. Kraig Kinser 22. Danny Holtgraver  23. Jack Sodeman Jr  24. Cole Duncan 25. Brandon Matus  26. Brent Matus  27. Joey Saldana

Feature 2 Lineup:

Cody Darrah – Carl Bowser
Danny Dietrich – Ed Lynch Jr
Logan Shuchart – Shane Stewart
Lee Jacobs – Tim Shaffer
David Gravel – Steve Kinser
Jason Sides – Brad Sweet
Daryn Pittman – Paul McMahan
Dale Blaney – Kerry Madsen
Donny Schatz – Jared Zimbardi
Logan Wagner – Chad Kemenah
Joey Saldana – Kraig Kinser
Danny Holtgraver – Jack Sodeman Jr (Scratched)
Cold Duncan – Brandon Matus
Brent Matus

Feature 2 Finish:

1. Cody Darrah  2. Danny Dietrich  3. Tim Shaffer  4. Shane Stewart  5. Logan Schuchart  6. Daryn Pittman 7. Donny Schatz  8. Jason Sides  9. Dale Blaney  10. Paul McMahan 11. Lee Jacobs  12. Brad Sweet  13. Carl Bowser  14. David Gravel  15. Ed Lynch Jr  16. Kerry Madsen  17. Chad Kemenah  18. Joey Saldana  19. Jared Zimbardi  20. Kraig Kinser  21. Logan Wagner  22. Cole Duncan  23. Brandon Matus  24. Steve Kinser  25. Danny Holtgraver 



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