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Western Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 12

Hey there peeps. It’s day late this week, because I had a previous engagement last night, but the rankings have been updated this week. 
This week was a tricky one. If tricky meant, well, almost nobody scored any points. The only tracks that got scoring shows in were Dog Hollow and Eriez. 
Friday, Lernerville had a special and didn’t score points for these rankings, and Bedford had a scheduled night off as the Bedford County Fair was getting set up over the weekend.
All of the Saturday night scoring tracks rained out. Saturday was nasty, though, so that shouldn’t be of any surprise to anybody. 
All of that meant that there was minimal movement amongst this poll. It’s pretty much exactly the same as last week, except for a couple drivers who manged to move up a spot or two. 
That said, let’s get to some rankings…
1. Alex Ferree, 46 points. Alex didn’t score any points this week. Even if PPMS managed to get their show in, he still wouldn’t have scored any points. They had a special scheduled too. He did run the Elite 8 show at Lernerville Friday, and came home third in what was a pretty amazing race. 
2. Mike Blose, 43 points. Mike closed the gap on Alex with a second at Dog Hollow on Friday He seemed to get off to a pretty slow start this year, but he’s definitely heating up.

3. Duane Stiner, 37 points. Duane didn’t score any points this week either. He did run Dog Hollow on Friday though, coming home seventh. 
4. Clate Copeman, 34 points. Clate picked up a couple points this week with a fourth Friday at Dog Hollow. 
5. Rob Blair, 32 points. Rob jumps up one spot on the back of a third place finish at Eriez Sunday.
6. Max Blair, 31 points. Max also jumps up spot on these rankings but stays one spot behind him, even though he won Sunday night at Eriez. In other weekend action, he raced Friday at Lernerville, coming home a disappointing 15th. 
6. Luke Hoffner, 31 points. Luke didn’t score any points this week. He did run third at Clinton County Friday though. 
7. Doug Glessner, 25 points. Doug didn’t score any points this week. I didn’t see his name in the results anywhere else either. Them weekends off do a race team good sometimes. 
8. Shawn Claar, 22 points. Shawn scored  single point this week, coming home fifth at Dog Hollow Friday night. 
9. Derrick Rodkey, Ron Delano, Dewayne Taneyhill, and Russ King are all still tied with 18 points. The only one of the four I saw in any results this weekend was Taneyhill, and he finished just outside of a scoring position in sixth at Dog Hollow Friday. 
So that’s it for this week kids. See yinz jags back on the traditional Monday night next week.



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