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The Dirt Network’s Crate List- August 2014 Western PA Crate Late Model Rankings

“The Crate List” August 2014

 Welcome back to The Dirt Network’s monthly crate late model rankings page. Crate races we feature on this page were scored for 7 different tracks in July. Specials at Sharon, PPMS, Lernerville and Humberstone were supported by weekly races at PPMS, Marion Center, Dog Hollow, and Roaring Knob.
The Crate list will follow this format, I will be looking at weekly and touring race results for the crate tracks in the area with emphasis on the Fastrak and RUSH series. So here we go once again with The Crate List for August!

 1. Rick Singleton – Winning another RUSH touring race at Sharon Speedway and a third place at the RUSH tour race at Lernerville, were complimented with a weekly win at Dog Hollow, and a third at Roaring Knob. Don’t bet against Rick and the 99* team, he goes back to back as our #1 driver again this month.
2. Ryan Montgomery -2nd place finishes at the RUSH touring races held at Sharon, Lernerville, and Humberstone. A big win for Ryan at the PPMS RUSH tour race has him sitting in first place for the RUSH touring points in 2014.
3. Andrew Satterlee -2 more wins and a 2nd at Marion Center along with a win, a 2nd and two 3rds at Dog Hollow put the Dews back at #3 on the list this month. Hard to move him down with all those top finishes, but the top 2 are owning the Rush Tour races. And that #2 car is for sale…..just sayin

4. Chad Mcclellan.-Lernerville’s RUSH touring race winner, 2nd at the RUSH tour race at PPMS, and a third at Roaring Knob welcome team #119 back to the list. Chads tour win has him currently sitting third in the RUSH touring points this season.

5. Joe Martin- Welcome back to the dirt Mr. Martin, who stormed to a victory and two 2nd place finishes at Dog Hollow capped off with a 2nd at Marion Center. July’s finishes had to make the #55 team happy to return to the track after a lengthy absence form dirt racing.

Honorable Mention

Keep an eye on these drivers, they are knocking on the top 5’s door!

1.  Mike Laughard -a win and two top 5’s at Marion Center, a win and a 3rd at Dog Hollow.
2.  John Waters- Humberstone RUSH series winner and 2nd in RUSH tour points this year.
3.  Michael Lake-a win and two 4th places at Roaring Knob as well as a 4th at Dog Hollow.

Here were the average car counts for May in the Crate Late Model division.
SHARON    19, rain, rain, off week = 19 cars
MARION CENTER   7, 7, rain, 4,   avg = 6 cars
DOG HOLLOW    14, 15, 16, 13,  avg = 14 cars
ROARING KNOB  13, 13, rain, 14,  avg =13 cars
PITTSBURGH    12, 37, rain, rain  avg =24 cars
HUMBERSTONE  = 23 cars

RUSH  -Thursday, August 14 McKean County Raceway (Fair race) (East Smethport, PA) $1,200 to-win

RUSH -$50,000 “END OF SUMMER BLOWOUT” Presented by Sunoco Race Fuels
• Saturday, August 30 McKean County Raceway (East Smethport, PA) $1,500 to-win
                (Plus $30,000 “Manufacturers Night”)
• Sunday, August 31 Wayne County Speedway (Orrville, OH) $1,500 to-win

Well thats it, that’s the list for June! See Yinz at the races! – Brian “Dobie” Compton



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