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Inaugural ‘TDN’ Knoxville Nationals Pickem Contest Results

A very successful 54th Annual FVP Knoxville Nationals gave way to our first ever Pickem contest for the event.

After rain prevented any racing from being done, action picked up as usual with the first Qualifying night being ran Thursday night. The postponed qualifying night was ran Friday night, thus pushing the initial Non-Qualifier’s show scheduled for Friday back to Saturday afternoon. No points were given for the afternoon show.

The Saturday night finale put on mains A-E. Points were awarded for drivers that qualified up through the C-Main and drivers that qualified up through the B-Main.

Next came the 50-lap running of the Knoxville Nationals main event. Donny Schatz won the race for the 8th time in 9 years, receiving max points for the night. Drivers that finished 2-5 received the same amount of points, as was the drivers that finished 6-10, and then all other drivers that qualified for the A-Main.

Donny Schatz was the highest receiving points man among all 105 drivers that hit the track this weekend. He tallied 145 fantasy points over the course of the week.

TDN’s own Jerin Steele came through in the clutch to claim our first Knoxville Nationals Pickem championship. Jerin’s picks of Donny Schatz, Brian Brown, Kerry Madsen, Craig Dollansky and Terry McCarl. The fact that he picked the top 4 finishers in Saturday’s A is remarkable, and his remaining pick finished 7th.

Below are the results for the top 54 contestants in the Pickem Contest:



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