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Western Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Poll: Final Standings!

He folks! At the end of a long racing season, we are at the end of the line for my rankings.

As you know, I have only scored regular weekly shows from the following tracks: Bedford, Dog Hollow, Lernerville, America’s Motorsports Park (which called it quits for the season about a month ago), Marion Center, McKean County (which called it quits for super late models for the season in June), PPMS, Roaring Knob and Eriez.

This past weekend, exactly one of the scoring tracks had a regular show that managed to get in without a hitch. That track was PPMS. Bedford had a Three State Flyers late model special. Dog Hollow was scheduled for Sunday, but got rained out. Lernerville had the WoO late models. Marion Center had a run what ya brung special, Roaring Knob rained out after the heats and Eriez also rained out.

With all of that said, obviously, there not a whole lot of changes in the rankings this week. Just five drivers scored. In retrospect, I probably should have ended this last week, because it seems just about everybody has called it quits on their regular season. Next year, I’ll cut this off the weekend before Labor Day.

I am going to post the full season rankings this week, though I’m not going to have a blurb about each and every driver. 

Now, let’s get to those final rankings….

1. Alex Ferree, 68 points. Alex breaks the tie and take the title on this poll by the slimmest of margins with a fifth at PPMS Saturday night. Overall he’s had another amazing season locally, winning a bunch of races and  winning the points title at Lernerville for the fifth time and is in the points lead at PPMS going into their final points show next week.

2. Mike Blose, 67 points. Mike comes up just short in these rankings, despite winning the RWYB show at Marion Center this past Saturday, It was a special, and by the rules I have imposed on my poll, I couldn’t score those points. Overall, he’s also had a pretty amazing season, picking up wins at Dog Hollow, Marion Center and AMP over the course of the year. No points titles for Mike, though he is second in points at Dog Hollow.

3. Duane Stiner, 47 points. Like just about everybody I rank, Duane didn’t score any points this week. I didn’t see his name in any results anywhere either. He had a great season too, winning races at AMP and a bunch of top fives at Dog Hollow. He’s fourth in points at the Dog, and was second in points at AMP when they called it quits.

4, Max Blair, 41 points. Max finished 18th at Stateline Saturday. He had a great season himself winning a bunch of times at Eriez, McKean and Stateline, running both the super and the crate ride he picked up. I would imagine if he had run locally all year instead of chasing the ill-fated NDRL, that these rankings would look very different. He did manage to finish fourth in Sateline’s points and is currently fifth at Eriez, despite not running a full season. That’s pretty impressive.

5. Rob Blair, 39 points. Rob came home second at Stateline on Saturday. He had yet another fantastic season, winning a pile of races and the points at Eriez and Stateline. He is a master of consistency for sure.

6. Doug Glessner, 38 points. Doug managed to hang in or near the top ten in these rankings all year despite running just one track, Marion Center, all year. It paid off, though, as he is co-point champion up there.

6. Clate Copeman, 38 points. Clate was up near the top of these ranking for a good part of this season, even leading a week or two. He had some great runs at both Dog Hollow and Marion Center this year, but his name just kinda disappeared from the results anywhere about a month and a half ago, and he started dropping like a rock. I hope everything is okay with him.

8. Luke Hoffner, 31 points. Luke was absolutely dominant at AMP this year and was the point leader when they called it. Unfortunately for him in these rankings, that’s when he stopped scoring points. He’s had some great runs at Clinton County over the year too, but that isn’t a scoring track. It will be next year.

9. Kenny Schaltenbrand, 29 points. Kenny had a great season to end up in the top ten in these rankings. He had new equipment (for him at least) for the first time in years, and it showed, with a win at Marion Center and numerous top fives at both Lernerville and Marion Center.

9. Jared Miley, 29 points. Jared ends up in the top ten on these rankings despite not running any local track exclusively. He’s more of a traveling racer these days. He had some wins at Lernerville and PPMS, though, and that’s how he’s scored the majority of his points.

11. Mike Altobelli, 28 points. Mike rounds out the top ten on this poll with a solid season that saw him do more traveling than he’s done in previous years. Most of the times he traveled, he ended up doing pretty well, which is the mark of a damn good racer. If he continues to travel that way, I’d look for him to be a regional powerhouse in the near future.

12. Billy Holbert, 27 points. Billy has had a fantastic season and hung around the top ten of thee rankings much of the season despite only running one scoring track, Roaring Knob, semi-regularly.  He picked up a couple wins there to help his cause. He’s also apparently had a pretty good season at Elkins Speedway in West Virginia.

13. Shawn Claar, 26 points. Shawn had a pretty good season running in the area. It doesn’t appear that he really called any track home all year, because I saw his name in results at no less than four tracks. That said, it shows he’s been pretty good wherever he goes because he’s managed to hang near the top ten all season on these rankings.

14. John Garvin Jr., 25 points. John has also had a pretty good season running various tracks in the area. He stayed a little more local than he has the last couple years and has had some great runs at area tracks this year. The only place I think he faithfully ran every week was Lernerville, but it seemed he was all over the place Saturdays.

15. Scott Rhodes, 24 points. The Roaring Knob point leader had a pretty good season himself. It seems he really only ran the Knob this year, but obviously, he had a pretty god season there.

15. Dewayne Taneyhill, 24 points. Dewayne was in the top ten of these rankings most of the season but seemed to fade a little bit late in the year. His first part of the season was pretty good though, with lots of top fives at Dog Hollow and AMP.

17. Tim Senic, 23 points. Tim had another fine season at Roaring Knob and and even better one at Elkins. He’s always a potent runner in that neck of the woods.

17. Billy Eash, 23 points. The other Marion Center co-champ had a pretty good season himself, even with only running one track. He really didn’t pick up many wins, but it seems his name was alwaysin thier top five.

19. Russ King, 21 points. Russ had a roller coaster season for sure. He started off spectacularly at Lernerville, but early to mid June, it all seemed to fall apart, and the results went south in a hurry.

19. Ron Delano, 21 points.  Much like Russ, I saw Ron’s name in the top five a lot early in the season, not so much since. He didn’t seem to be commited to any track, either, so that might have played into it.

And that’s the final top twenty. These were, by my scoring system, the top twenty local super late model racers. Some of them were staunch track regulars, others weren’t. The scores don’t lie, though, and if these twenty guys were a track’s regulars, I’m pretty sure the battles between them all would be pretty insane. Somebody should hook that up.

Now lets get to the best of the rest…

20. Jeff Rine, Cody Hardesty and Mike Knight, 20 points. 

23. Lynn Geisler, Chris Hackett and Greg Oakes, 19 points. 

26. Dan Gill, Derrick Rodkey and Mike Pegher Jr., 18 points. 

29. Mel Minnick Jr., 17 points. 

30. Steve Baker, DJ Troutman and David Scott, 16 points. 

33. Brandon Burgoon, Rod Phillips and Brandon Delano, 15 points. 

36. Matt Urban, Michael Norris and Andrew Gordon, 14 points. 

39. Gary Dalton, Chuck Clise and Chub Frank, 13 points.

42. John Mollick, Darrell Bossard, Dave Blazavich and Quintin Wyandt, 12 points. 

45. Ben Miley, Mike Johnson and John Brady, 11 points. 

48. Keith Barbara and Jason Dupont, 10 points. 

50. Andy Boozel, Jared Hawkins, Dave Murdick, Dave Hess Jr., Scott Alvetro and Chuck Harper, 9 points. 

56. Dan Angelichio and Dick Barton, 8 points. 

58. Matt Sponaugle, Brian Swartzlander, LC Powers, Eric Zembower and Garret Krummert, 7 points. 

63. Devin Friese and Randy Sterling, 6 points. 

65. Chad McLellan, Davey Johnson. Gene Knaub, Dylan Yoder, Ed Ferree, Brent Rehbergen,  Matt Parks, Ryan Markham and Gregg Satterlee, 5 points. 

74, Steve Kania, Colton Flinner, Doug Eck, Rich Gardner, Dan Lee, George Lee, Josh Jacoby and Chad Hollenbeck, 4 points. 

82, Chuck Sarver, Dane Laraway, Sammy Stile, Andy Haus, John Britsky, Ryan Montgomery, Bob Gordon and Morgan Bagley, 3 points. 

90, Wally Fox, Steve Wilmoth, Justin Kann, Chris Eash, Jack Pencil, John Volpe, Jim Stephans, Boom Briggs, Dan Swartzlander and Mike Benedum, 2 points. 

100, Terry Rayko, Robbie Black, Dan Boyd, Herman Bertolini, Joe Kercelch, Bryan Force, John Myers, Wayne Maffet Jr., Tom Shaffer, Bill Davis, Gary Gellner, Bobby Watt and Bump Hedman, 1 point,

So that’s it folks. Every point scored this year, at every track, by every driver that managed to score a point. It’s almost poetic that the rankings end with a tie for 100th.

This was a lot of fun this year, and I’ll be bringing it back again next year. There will probably be some new wrinkles and tracks scored next year, but none of that will be known until tracks start putting together their schedules next season.

Until next time folks… keep it safe and have fun at those fall special you’ll be attending.



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