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This Week in DIRT; Bloomquist FAILS; Walker Pleas for More Time; TDN Telethon For Fuller; Ulitmate Supers To Invade North

And we’re back with yet another edition. And we’ve got a pretty good idea about what prevented you from keeping up with the week that was in dirt. You see, it was Halloween, and you may not have known this, but we’ve got cameras virtually everywhere, and we saw what many of you were doing. Was it really that important?

To egg somebody’s house?  To leave flaming bags of dog excrement on that annoying family’s doorstep? To dress like yourself like a slut and parade around in front of the neighbors even though you’re a 48 year old whose best day’s are behind them? (by the way dude, what we’re you doing dressing up as little red riding hood with a full beard and a beer gut?)

Yeah, we saw what you did, all in the name of just a few more handfuls of candy. And even though we can’t condone your behavior…we can catch you up on what you missed while in a sugar induced coma, or worse yet, your incarceration due to your assorted shenanigans.

Anyway, it’s time for This Week In DIRT!!

Bloomquist…….Does NOT Win in Alabama: (will accept third place prize instead)

Scott Bloomquist had been on a roll coming into the 24 hours of EAMS, otherwise known as the National 100 at East Alabama Motor Speedway. He’d virtually won almost every race he’d been entered in within the last few weeks and looked to be primed to take yet another five digit payday. However, our closest sources now inform us that he did not win this weekend’s race on the red clay surface and that one Jonathan Davenport had bested the 32 car field over the course of 100 laps to earn the $20,000 novelty check.

Davenport, formerly known as “Mr. October” for his stunning performances in the October’s of years gone by, has been solid in 2014, unofficially winning the NDRL title (series crapped the bed officially in June 2014 per NDRL Press Release), and amassing 20+ victories throughout the campaign with several near misses in some crown jewel events. Congrats Superman!

Top 10:
1. Jonathan Davenport
2. Chris Madden
3. Scott Bloomquist
4. Don O’Neal
5. Rick Eckert
6. Dennis Erb Jr
7. Chase Junghans
8. Clint Smith
9. Anthony Burroughs
10. Eric Jacobsen

For the full story from this weekend’s 24 Hours of EAMS, Click Here

Tyler Walker’s Plea

Walker upon learning prison spaghetti tastes really bad

When Tyler Walker sought to play “Grand Theft Auto” in  real life back in January 2013, few imagined he could actually achieve the dreaded “6th star” wanted level. But that’s just what he did. In a dramatic escape attempt from police that would have played beautifully in Liberty City, Walker was eventually apprehended somewhere in Nevada with enough drugs to affect an entire dance club and a bottle of vodka to boot.

Walker also once drove 410 Sprints very well during a small window when he actually had a clear head and could communicate verbally while being understood at the same time. Although that time has come and gone, his trial remains, and he’s at least won a postponement of his plea agreement to allow him more time to negotiate a more pleasant plea from his point of view.

You can check out the full story here:

Tim Fuller Back in a Modified Full Time?:

Veteran late model and big block driver Tim Fuller will appear at the World Finals at the dirt track at Charlotte later this week. And after that who knows. Fuller has now cut ties with Kennedy Motorsports and looks to be out of a late model ride for the coming season. 

It’s too bad for the upstate New York hot shoe, he’s always competitive, treats his equipment very well, and with the right owner with top shelf equipment, would be a top five competitor either on either WoO or Lucas tours.

If no late model deal emerges for Fuller, he may wind back up in a big block modified in 2015 on a full time basis. And although that would be entertaining, we’d like to offer our services at TDN to perform for a 24 hour telethon to raise the funds necessary to keep Tim on the road! We’ll sing, we’ll dance, we’ll raise awareness. All television station owners are encouraged to contact us here at TDN to arrange it!

You can check out the story here:

More Late Models Than You Can Shake A Stick At:

And lastly, The southern based Ultimate Super Late Model Series has announced intentions to cross the mason/dixon line despite the best intentions of the union army stationed across the PA/MD border.  The plan, is to bring some shows to the northeast.

This now means the ULMS, Three State Flyers, and a revamped UFO late model series will now vie for supremacy in the northeast late model landscape.  We’re hoping the best sanction wins, or at the very least, we can still see some weekly super late model racing at some tracks in our area. And we’re also hoping, that if Ultimate comes on up so to speak, that Walker Arthur follows, he’s a badass!
Stay tuned fans, this could be one of the more interesting developments of the offseason.

To read more about the announcement, click here

And that’s it for this week. Remember, if your playing in our 3rd Annual World Finals Pickem Contest where you can win $50 and a 1:25 Steve Kinser Diecast, you need to get your picks in before Thursday at 5 PM? You can do so by clicking here



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