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This Week In DIRT- TDN Celebrates 1st Anniversary

And we’ve come to another edition of “This Week in DIRT”. This is normally reserved for stories you may have missed in the week that was, all wrapped up ala “The Onion” with some assorted barbs at various drivers, sanctions, and incidents with a satirical slant. (Yes, it’s more than okay to do so as far too many in the industry take themselves far too seriously)

But there won’t be one of those this week. Don’t worry, they’ll start back up in due time, probably next week, but this one will read like a personal thank you letter, because it’s a special day here at TDN!

As of this publishing, we are exactly one year old! A year ago, we put in place a site that could fill the gaps and help unify fans from all divisions. There were sprint, late model, and modified sites all over the internet, but why not build a place that could have some useful information and insight for fans that loved all of them?

Our mission was made, to help keep the fans of all divisions on one page, to help promote the sport in general, to tell the stories of drivers and others who make the dirt racing world go around, and to have some fun at the same time.

TDN Mission Statement

And it has been a tremendous experience. We’ve been able to tell the story from area tracks that granted us media access, made the acquaintances of many great drivers that shared their stories with us, brought our Pick’em contests to a higher level with more prizes and sponsors, and tried to help everyone get more out of their dirt racing experience by keeping the area and national racing scene on one page.

We’d like to thank the following organizations for taking the risk and believing in us, and we hope it was more than worth it!

  • Lernerville Speedway
  • Mercer Raceway Park
  • Sharon Speedway
  • Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway
  • R and R Racewear
  • Integra Shocks/Keyser Manufacturing
  • Bryan Decals

So whether you’ve been following us the whole time, or whether you’re new to TDN, we just wanted to say THANK YOU, from all of us at TDN to every fan, driver, promoter, concession worker, track grader, or ticket taker who has taken the time to check us out!

Funny, a year ago we weren’t sure whether this might last a week or a month, but we made a deal with ourselves that as long as it was fun, we’d still do it. 365 days later, it’s still fun, and we’re still going to keep doing it!!

So check back often for more driver stories, our new “silly season” update page which will cover all 3 prime divisions, and announcements and commentary.

Thank you for your continued support:

Sincerely, The DIRT Network

Gary Heeman
Tyler Beichner
Jerin Steele
Trever Steele
Pat Miller
Josh Bayko
Brian “Dobie” Compton
Kristen Swartznander
Eric Burton



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