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The TDN Race Updater All Stars for 2014

It wasn’t that long ago that the days were hot, and there was a race every night of the week. Yeah, we know it’s cold right now, and the season seems far away, and the memories of 2014 have started to fade around the edges. That’s time for ya.  But if you reach back in your memory, you’ll find a moment in time, a moment that made you feel great. It was a night that you couldn’t be at the track…

The tragic thing for most of us in DIRT nation, is that we can’t magically appear at every race we want. Work, family, other obligations, they all keep us away sometimes. And although we cherish every precious second we get to spend at the races, part of us hates not being there when external forces dictate that we must be absent. So, we do the next best thing…

We turn on twitter, and we find that if we’ve followed enough of the right people, we’re graced with instant updates. A streaming timeline of time trial, heat, and feature results and sometimes some insight as to what’s going on at the track outside the results too. Of course, the major sanctions and larger speedways offer some updates and ways to keep track of the action, but what about the other races that are important to us?

At TDN we strive to help you connect to those types of race chasers that do the updating. It’s hard and selfless work sometimes, and for anybody that does it, there’s a good deal of sacrifice. To surrender some of the atmosphere of the night, to split the brain into what the senses take in, and the fingers transmit almost instantly, it’s not easy and it takes a special type of passionate race fan to do it. And in our estimation, they don’t get enough credit or appreciation.

We talked earlier about that moment that made you feel great when you weren’t at the track. Maybe it’s the time you found out via one of these dedicated fans, that one of your favorite drivers just took their first big regional checkered flag, or a moment when you found out a driver had a nasty accident and was actually okay. There are a lot of great race chasers and updaters out there, and we can’t list them all. But we do take special notice of the best of the best, in our area and beyond.

So we’d like to present a special All Star Team, some individuals who keep us updated and informed when we can’t be there. It’s time they got their due. And if you’re not following them, you need to be…..

Mike Mallett:
One of the most dedicated race chasers in the game. Mike travels the Northeast and does a fantastic job covering not only the Big Block Modifieds at SDS, RoC and weekly venues, but covers sprints and late models when close by on occasion too with equal passion! He can also be found at as a key member of a great team that prides itself on well done pieces from the tracks, promoters and drivers that make the sport go round. Mike probably reports from about 70+ races a year and is one of our most re-tweeted follows. Thank you Mr. Mallet, well done!

Twitter Handle: @DTDMike

Patrick Davis:
Mr Davis has been updating for years, and if you’re a Midwestern dirt fan and aren’t following him, shame on you. Pat does a lot of late model work, but can be found at sprint events too and brings the updates as a legendary announcer would speak. It’s probably because he is an announcer, but that’s another story. Anyhow, it’s not always the results that make him such a great follow, it’s the results plus the glimpses into the action on the track he provides that puts him on our list as one of the best race updaters. Thank you for all you do for dirt racing Patrick!

Twitter Handle: @pdavis18491988

Mike Leone:
Pennsylvania native Mike Leone is everywhere, and he’s relentless! For years now, Mr. Leone has been giving insight at tracks from PA, NY, OH, and beyond! It doesn’t matter if it’s sprints in central PA one night, then perhaps modifieds at New Egypt the next, he’s everywhere, and he almost never takes a night off. His dedication is almost unmatched and his timeline is as clean and concise as you can ask for. Once again, if you’re not following him, start now and be grateful come springtime!

Twitter Handle: @mikevleone

Rich Allen:
Rich passes along the finest news, information and results from Tennessee and beyond! Whether it’s a Ray Cook Nationals, Ultimate, or Southern All Stars show, odds are Rich is there whether they’re in Tennessee or not. His dedication and love of the sport translate very effectively from the track and if you love to follow the action from the Tennessee valley (We do), then he’s an automatic follow. He also runs a really good website at . Mr. Allen, your hard work is noticed and appreciated!

And for every updater out there not on this list, we thank you for what you do, we’ll have more need to follow articles coming in the future as 2015 unfolds. But in the first run, we had to mention these four gentlemen for what they’ve meant to everyone who benefits from the information they pass along!



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