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2015 Lernerville Pickem

Welcome to Lernerville Pick’Em 2015! This is the sixth year in the history of this contest, and it’s the ultimate compliment to the racing experience at Lernerville. It’s fun to play, makes the races even more fun to watch, and….there’s prizes! Plus, it’s free to play!

So what does it take to win? Commitment. It takes playing every week and getting points consistently while selecting your fair share of winners. 

Here’s some guidelines to follow if you’re ready to play, we’ll get to the rules in a bit

  • A twitter account would be helpful, we send out reminders via twitter every Thursday night, and if for some reason the site isn’t working for you , you can tweet us your picks. Make sure to follow us, and we’ll follow you! 
  • Submit picks EVERY week, even if you think it’ll be a rain out. We award 2 show up points if the action is cancelled. 
  • We play EVERY week that there’s a Fab Four,Scheduled
  • Make sure to bookmark this page! We always have updated standings and special announcements

And now for the Rules!

1. There will be a weekly posting right here for the week’s selections, normally posted each Sunday, all weekly picks occur in that week’s post. You simply add selections as a comment to this page. Running point totals will be updated during the season. The opening of the week’s post will be announced on twitter @TheDirtNetwork “Green Flag waves on Week ____ edition of Lernerville Pickem”

Picks should be in this format:

Player Name

Sprint Driver:
Modified Driver:
Late Model Driver:
Stock Driver: 
Wild Card: 

2. You will pick four drivers, one in each fab four division. Your driver’s finishes will be valued with the following point system.
win = 8
top 5 = 4
top 10= 2

You will also pick a wild card from any one of the fab four divisions. Your wild card driver MAY NOT be any of your other four picks. Duplicate Wild Card Picks will be allowed and will be scored with the aforementioned points system. This means that people may select a wild card driver that others have already selected.

3. You have until Friday/Raceday at 12 noon to make your picks!

4. *New for 2015! You’re four divisional picks may be the same as anybody else’s. HOWEVER! There will be a 3 Point PENALTY for picking somebody else’s picks.  

5. Standings will be updated every week, the player with the highest point total is your winner. It is therefore important to pick EVERY WEEK. If you’d like a reminder, then please follow  @TheDirtNetwork on twitter and Direct Message us that you’d like to be included in the reminder tweets that will occur.

6. If a weekly event is rained out, then 2 show up points will be awarded to all participants. The picks that were made are then erased and the next thread will have new picks.

7. After the third rainout of the season, a double or triple points night may be awarded at our discretion, but not on the final night of racing. Sufficient notice will be given.

8. Tiebreaker Procedure- 1. The greatest amounts of winners picked. 2. The greatest amounts of winners and top 5s picked. 3. The fewest number of 0 point finishing drivers in weekly events.

9. If the board is not working for you when you are making selections, you may tweet your picks to us @TheDirtNetwork on twitter before Noon on Friday of race week.

11. If there are more than 3 first year players, those who have never been identified as having regularly played Lernerville Pickem before by us, that complete the season, there shall be a rookie of the year prize awarded which will feature a $15 dollar Subway Gift Card!

12. ONE (1) pick may be changed as long as it is before the week ending deadline (Friday at Noon) and does not make the player’s fab four picks the same as anybody else’s. **New

13. Any rule that falls outside the scope of this rule package, shall be governed by Gary Heeman @21stCenturySkiz on twitter with regards to decisions

As far as what drivers to select goes, that’s up to you. You can use any resource available to find out who’s coming and who’s not. You’ve got to do some homework sometimes to get the most out of the game. Use driver websites, facebook pages….etc to find out if you can gain an edge by finding out what drivers are going where whenever All Stars, WoOLM or Sprint….etc are in the area affecting Lernerville car counts.

I can’t reiterate this enough, IT IS IMPORTANT TO PLAY EVERY WEEK!!! There will be some people who drop out, but we play for pride here. Always have…always will!! So make sure to play every week. If you want us, we’ll send you reminders via twitter on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Have a great season, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Have fun! This game is supposed to be fun, it makes going to the races all the more exciting!! Don’t believe us? Then just start playing…you’ll see what we’ve known for over 5 years now!!


2015 Champion will receive a 2016 “Pick 6” Ticket Package to Lernerville Speedway and a choice of a tshirt from our friends at R and R Racewear

2015 Second Place Finisher will receive a $50 Visa Gift Card and and a tshirt courtesy of our friends at

2015 Third Place Finisher will receive a Prize Package from Lernerville Speedway plus a $15 Subway Gift Card

*Perfect Game- A $15 Subway gift card

There will be more prizes announced as the season progresses.

So there you have it, 2015 Lernerville Pickem. We’ll keep all our season standings and announcements on this page. We hope you have fun and enjoy playing!

Please be sure to visit and thank our fantastic sponsors, R and R Enterprises, Keyser/Integra, Bryan Decals, Racenote, and

Well, it’s come down to this. One last week of Lernerville Pickem. I’m kind of sad, where did the season go? It’s been a great one to be sure, and the racing has been awesome at Lernerville this year, so we have to be grateful even though there were a few rainouts. One thing I’m grateful for is all of you who played week in and week out! It’s been a blast, and it’s been a great time and I just wanted to say thank you for playing from the bottom of my heart!

Okay, enough of that sentimental crap! We’ve got a battle for podium positions in this final week and as you make selections…be careful, don’t forget there’s Lucas Oil Late Models at PPMS this weekend, so check wisely! To ensure you do so, I’ve decided to make your late model selections DOUBLE POINTS! Just to keep it a little more interesting!

Good Luck everyone, and I’ll announce the final process for season ending tech net week.

A tshirt and a coupon good for 3 MONTHS of FREE Turner’s Iced tea have now been made available to us in our prize stash! More to follow… 

Have a great week everyone! Stay DIRTY!  And if you ever want to do a meet up or take a group photo one night just let us know, we’ll talk dates and such! Good Luck! 

And thanks everyone for playing!

Current Standings:

1. John Baumes- 348
2. Phillip Swartzlander- 343
3. Garrett Mohrbacher- 328
4. James Barber- 326
5. Jessica Wright- 316
6. Andrew Loria- 314
7. Kim Berber- 308
8. Ric Blevins- 306
9. Nichole Emmons- 304
10. Nick Lohrmann- 302
11. Sally Cornman- 294
12. Jeff Barnes- 291
13 Ryan Cornman- 282
13. Brian Stivenson- 282
14Frank Iudciani- 278
15 Jason Stearns- 260
16 Anthony Mohrbacher- 252
17 Coachs Kid- 230
18 Chris Habbyshaw- 214
19 Jason Thomas- 130
20 Dylan Morando- 90
21 Cody Smith- 80
22 Kristin Swartzlander-38 
21. dirtpaw1224- 24
22. Steve Prince- 14

TDN Contributors Division (Beer League Championship)

1. Josh “Bacon Bits” Bayko- 350
2. Gary “Skiz” Heeman- 326
3. Trever “The Real Deal” Steele- 316
4. 5. Pat “Magic Fingers” Miller- 286
5. Brian “Dobie” Compton- 268
6. “The Professor” Tyler Beichner- 266
7. Jerin “The Real Deal” Steele- 100

Rookie of The Year Candidates:

John Baumes
Jason Thomas
Phillip Swartzlander
Sally Cornman
Jessica Wright
Steve Prince
Cody Smith
Anthony Morbacher

Week 15 Scores; (Double Late Model Points)

1. Phillip Swartzlander- 32
1. Josh Bayko- 32
1. Tyler Beichner- 32
2. John Baumes- 30
2. Jessica Wright- 30
3. Andrew Loria- 28 
4. Garrett Mohrbacher- 26
4. Ric Blevins- 26
4. James Barber- 26
4. Skiz-26
5. Jeff Barnes- 24
6. Trever Steele- 22
6. Nick Lohrmann- 22
6. Kim Gerber- 22
7. Pat Miller- 20
7. Sally Cornman- 20
8. Brian Stivenson- 18
8. Brian “Dobie” Compton- 18
9. Nichole Emmons- 16
9. Jason Stearns- 16
10. Ryan Cornman- 12
10. Frank Iudciani- 12
11. Coachs Kid- 10
12. Anthony Mohrbacher- 6

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  1. Okay folks, please remember that these standings are UNOFFICIAL. Due diligence will be undertaken this week, we're all pretty much in the tech area and at the scales so to speak.

    Here's what due diligence means!

    1. Full point review of ALL top 10 finishers, a re-addition of weekly point totals
    2. Once that reveals any corrections, the top 5 will be checked for weekly point accuracy (checking your selections by results) by random audits of no fewer than five weekly games.
    3. Should any corrections reveal that we have any ties we will follow the tiebreaker procedure. As of right now it looks like there are no ties, but should there have been a mistake, there could be.

    Thanks for your patience folks!


  2. After running the numbers for the top 10, no significant changes have been discovered so far!
    Currently in Weekly Audit Process:

    1st Audit: Week 3- 5/8/15: No Changes.


  3. 2nd Audit: Week 10- 7/1015

    Deduct 2 points (Corey McPherson incorrectly scored with four points instead of two)

    John Baumes
    Jessica Wright
    Phillip Swartzlander
    James Barber


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