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This Week In DIRT: Abreu Rises To The Occasion; Sandman Returns Home Happy; Eckert Announces Plans; ASCoC Not Dead Yet

Ah the preseason! It’s the first glimpse of the new cars, new chassis, and a little preview of what may be to come in the new year. And you missed it! Actually, if you missed the Chili Bowl or Wild West Shootout, (you’re in our hall of fame if you ordered at least one pay per view of each), shame on you.. 

But things come up. And they may have kept you from paying full attention. Whether it was a wedding, bah mitzvah, christening, old friend from out of town, old girlfriend from out of town that you don’t want your wife to know about, or a night in the drunk tank, you needn’t worry, we’ll help you catch up on the week that was with This Week In DIRT…

Abreu Rises To The Occasion: 

We knew this day would come. The day Rico Abreu etched his name on the Golden Driller winners list, to be remembered forever as champion. But before the week started, many had Kyle Larson slotted to pick up his first trophy.  It looked primed to happen coming in to Saturday night’s final feature too. 

Except Abreu had other plans, like making a bold pass of last year’s champion, Bryan Clauson, and never looking back, dodging cautions and lapped traffic en route to the victory. Meanwhile, Larson spun twice and managed to stir drama post-race with elder statesman Sammy Swindell. Abreu earned $10,000 for the win, and so much more from the great pool of the “things that come with” such a prestigious title. 

But more than his driving ability, and behind what makes it such a popular win, is that he’s revered by many as a driver’s driver. He’s pulled other drivers from burning cars, taken time to talk to school children about bullying and overcoming obstacles, and displayed a ton of heart and maturity.  Enjoy him while you can DIRT Nation, it’s probably only a matter of time before he’s etching his name on a Nascar win list. From us at TDN, Congrats Rico!! Well Deserved! 

To read all about the final night at the Chili Bowl, click here


Sandman Wins Wild West Shootout; Owens Shoots at Aliens from Roof of Car

Happy,Texas returned one of its happiest citizens today in the form of the sandman, Rodney Sanders. And with good reason, he took home two modified wins, a Super Late Model win and the overall late model championship during the annual Wild West Shootout in Tucson, AZ.

Aaron Clay Photo

The week also saw Jimmy Owens take home two late model wins, and over $15,000 in winnings. Following his $10,000 win on Saturday night, Owens inexplicably stood on the roof of his car and fired two six shooters into the air while shouting “Goddamned aliens, I know they’re out there somewhere”  Owens and fellow Club 29 driver Darrell Lanigan each claimed two victories for the week. In fact, if you were driving anything but a Club 29 car, you had absolutely not chance of winning whatsoever as every late model feature was won in a Club 29 car.  Not winning anything this week were Billy Moyer, Billy Moyer Jr, Jimmy Mars, Terry Phillips, and Chris Simpson.

Lanigan had the quote of the week when following a heat race earlier in the week, he gave the inference that Billy Moyer Jr would pretty much be a nobody without his legendary father Billy Moyer Sr.  Karma then swooped down on Lanigan causing him to break a thumb on Friday night during the main event during a tangle with cars on the backstretch.

To check out the week that was in Tucson, click here

Berry Lenhart Photo-Late Model

Eckert Announces Plans

Rick Eckert has now formally announced that he’ll be teamed with Paul Crowl once again in 2015, driving a MBH (Masters Built by Huey) car powered by Cornett engines.  He’ll take part on the World of Outlaw Late Model Tour once again in 2015, and will also travel to a good many crown jewels too. 

The announcement puts to end weeks of anticipation from a good many late model experts who seemed to know what Eckert’s plans were before he did. 

To read the announcement, click here 

ASCoC Not Dead Yet

Despite the best efforts of Guy Webb to put the final nail in the coffin of the oldest sprint racing sanction in the eastern US, the All Star Circuit of Champions may have actually been sold, traded, or even transferred in some back alley in Akron, OH to a wino for an undisclosed amount of drinking money.

 Or maybe somebody with good intentions bought it! Either way, it looks like there’ll be some kind of announcement this week, so stay tuned to see how the story ends….or begins!

That’s it for this episode of TWID, have a great week everyone and Stay DIRTY!



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