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On Tap; Lucas Oil Series Resumes; Outlaws Invade Wine Country; USMTS Central Region Kicks Off

We’re getting a little closer to being in full swing with each passing week everyone! The Lucas Oil Late Models enter the fray this week, while the World of Outlaws Sprints continue their west coast swing. Also, the USMTS modifieds make three visits in Kansas and Missouri this weekend,  and the regional late model scene ramps up down south.

We’ll keep a scoreboard this weekend so everyone can check back right back here in case you missed anything! And in the meantime, if you have the opportunity, go check out some of these races in person…see em for the rest of us that are still waiting for the ground to firm up before the racing season begins!


Sunday March 22:

World of Outlaw Sprints at Stockton, CA

1. Rico Abreu  2. Terry McCarl  3. Paul McMahan  4. David Gravel  5. Jason Johnson
6. Tim Kaeding  7. Kerry Madsen  8. Shane Stewart  9. Donny Schatz  10. Kraig Kinser
11. Brad Sweet  12. Ian Madsen  13. Carson Macedo  14. Evan Suggs  15. Brian Brown  
16. Justyn Cox  17. Jason Sides  18. Craig Dollansky  19. Joey Saldana  20. Dominic Scelzi
21. Trey Starks  22. Daryn Pittman  23. Bud Kaeding  24. Logan Schuchart  25. Colby Copeland

USMTS Modifieds at I-35 Speedway

1. Ryan Gustin  2. Keith Foss  3. Cade Dillard  4. Stormy Scott  5. Dereck Ramirez
6. Johnny Scott  7. Austin Siebert  8. Rodney Sanders  9. Dennis Elliot  10. Austin Arneson
11. Alex Engelstad  12. Grant Junghans  13. Ben Kates  14. Casey Arneson  15. Kelly Shryock  16. Bob Timm  17. Cory Wray  18. Brian Green  19. Jesse Sobbing  20. Jesse Willard  21. Jake Timm  22. Joe Duvall  23. Zach Sanders  24. Troy Girolamo  25. Zack VanderBeek  26. Cody Bauman  27. Nick Levins

Saturday March 21:

Lucas Oil Late Models at Brownstown, IN

1. Earl Pearson Jr  2. Scott Bloomquist  3. Devin Moran  4. Jimmy Owens  5. Don O’Neal
6. Chris Simpson  7. Brandon Sheppard  8. Eddie Carrier Jr  9. Steve Casebolt  10. Steve Francis  11. Mike Marlar  12. Jonathan Davenport  13. Josh Richards  14. Tim McCreadie
15. Matt Westfall  16. Dennis Erb Jr  17. Billy Moyer Jr  18. Dustin Linville  19. Duane Chamberlain  20. Jared Landers  21. Mike Benedum  22. Chris Brown  23. Austin Rettig
24. Kent Robinson  25. Bobby Pierce  26. Mason Zeigler  27. Jeremy Hines

World of Outlaw Sprints at Stockton, CA

1. Donny Schatz  2. Shane Stewart  3. Joey Saldana  4. Paul McMahan  5. Daryn PIttman
6. Kerry Madsen  7. Jason Johnson  8. Tim Kaeding  9. Brad Sweet  10. Rico Abreu 
11. David Gravel  12. Carson Macedo  13. Jason Sides  14. Logan Shuchart  15. Cory Eliason  16. Justyn Cox  17. Kraig Kinser  18. Colby Copeland  19. DJ Netto  20. Craig Dollansky  21. Jonathan Allard  22. Evan Suggs  23. Bud Kaeding  24. Trey Starks

USMTS Modifieds at Humboldt Speedway

1. Stormy Scott  2. Dereck Ramirez  3. Ryan Gustin  4. Casey Arneson  5. Kelly Shryock 
 6. Terry Phillips 7. Rodney Sanders  8. Austin Arneson  9. Jason Hughes  10. Keith Foss
11. Cade Dillard  12. Austin Siebert  13. Tad Davis  14. Darron Fuqua  15. Grant Junghans
16. Jeremy Chambers  17. John Allen  18. Darwin Karau  19. Jesse Sobbing  20, Joe Duvall
21. Brian Green  22. Johnny Fennewald  23. Nick Nevins  24. Zack VanderBeek 
25. Brandon Watson  26. Ryan McAnnich

Carolina Clash Super Late Models; Skyler Trull Memorial at Carolina Speedway

1. Chris Ferguson  2. Ben Watkins  3. Chris Madden  4. Ross Bailes  5. Doug Sanders 
6, Josh Langley  7. Travis Brookover  8. Brian Ledbetter  9. Kevin Goodwin  10. Kevin Wilson  11. Joey Coulter  12. Jonathan Edwards  13. Billy Lambert  14. Zack Mitchell 
15. Anthony Sanders  16. Johnny Pursley  17. Timbo Mangum 18.  Kelly Guy  19. GR Smith
20 .Scott Shirey  21. Tim Allen  22. Robbie Bailey

Ultimate Super Late Models; County Line Speedway (NC)

1. Casey Roberts  2. Dennis Franklin  3. Dustin Mitchell  4. Walker Arthur  5. Christian Joyner  6. Dean Bowen  7. Casey Barrow  8. Jeff Smith  9. Roger Lucas  10. Jay Sessoms
11. Derek Francis  12. Spencer Liggon  13. Travis Hair  14. Damon Kotke  15. Daulton Wilson  16. Christian Thomas  17. Kenny Collins  18. Randy Lucas  19. Donald Bradshear
20. John Eller

Friday March 20:

Lucas Oil Late Models at Atomic:
1. Jonathan Davenport  2. Josh Richards  3. Mason Zeigler  4. Chris Brown  5. Jimmy Owens  6. Jimmy Owens  7. Steve Francis  8. Devin Moran  9. Dennis Erb Jr  10. Dustin Linville  11. Eddie Carrier Jr   12. Tim Dohm  13. Earl Pearson Jr  14. Bobby Pierce  15. Jared Landers  16. Matt Westfall 17. Billy Moyer Jr  18. Duane Chamberlain  19. Greg Oliver  20. Kent Robinson  21. Scott Bloomquist  22. Tim McCreadie  23. Freddie Carpenter  24. Steve Casebolt  25. Davey Johnson

Lucas Oil Series at Atomic (OH) and Brownstown (IN):

The Lucas boys re-boot their series this weekend, and they’re likely to encounter a rather large car count and some WoO regulars and other regional heavy hitters for that matter .
Earl Pearson Jr leads the standings coming into the weekend following a sensational GA/FL speed weeks. Meanwhile, Scott Bloomquist finds himself outside the top 10.

It’s a good bet that both of those facts will change if both races get in. Don O’Neal will be looking to serve up some home cooking at Brownstown and at Atomic, it wouldn’t surprise us if a regional heavy or a true outlaw came home with the cash. Expect Jonathan Davenport, Bobby Pierce, Devin Moran, Mason Zeigler and Steve Casebolt plus a few other top non Lucas contenders in action!

Points Coming Into The Weekend:
1. Earl Pearson Jr- 825
2. Jonathan Davenport- 820
3. Jared Landers- 800
4. Jimmy Owens-770
5. Eddie Carrier Jr-755


Atomic: Friday
Brownstown: Saturday

How to Follow:

There’s no PPV or live audio here, as is the case with most every Lucas show, but you can still follow on or follow on twitter @lucasdirt.

World of Outlaw Sprints at Stockton (CA):

Do you know the way to San Jose?

The greatest show on dirt heads to Stockton this weekend for two shows. The nations newest dirt track, nestled in the northern California wine country, is prepared to host the World of Outlaws On Saturday and Sunday.  In 2014, Kerry Madsen passed Donny Schatz in the last set of turns to take the victory in the FVP Showdown at Stockton, while in 2013, Kyle Larson took the checkers in the first WoO event at the speedway.

Shane Stewart leads the Outlaw side into battle this week, followed closely by Schatz and Brad Sweet.  Expect the California side to feature last week’s Tulare night one winner, Tim Kaeding, Carson Macedo, Terry McCarl and Tulare night two winner, Rico Abreu, plus a few other stout names.  Stewart has been the model of consistency this season converting all 7 starts into a top 10 finish with four top 5’s and a win in Las Vegas.

Points Coming Into The Weekend:

1. Shane Stewart-1119
2. Donny Schatz- 1098
3. Brad Sweet- 1097
4. Paul McMahan- 1089
5. Daryn Pittman- 1088

How To Follow:

There’s no video this weekend, but there is free audio on Dirt Vision. If you’re not already signed up…better get on it!

USMTS Modifieds Tripleheader:

After mother nature took a three day weekend away from the USMTS modifieds last weekend, the tour moves on to Wizard of Oz country with dates at Caney Valley Speedway (Kansas); legendary Humboldt Speedway (Kansas) and I-35 Speedway in Winston, Missouri. This three day swing kicks off the Central Region portion of the tour.

Some of the drivers got a sneak peak at Humboldt last weekend during a USRA event. So far in 2015, the leading rookie of the year candidate won the first regional title. Austin Arneson has been nothing short of sensational so far this season. And behind him, Dereck Ramirez has been fairly consistent while Zack VanderBeek is looking to gain some consistency following some momentum earned in his last outing that almost saw his first win of the season.  Rodney Sanders will be in action this weekend and there’s a good chance of a Ryan Gustin sighting.

Friday- Caney Valley Speedway *Cancelled
Saturday- Humboldt Speedway
Sunday- I-35 Speedway

How To Follow:

There’s no PPV that we can find just yet (we’ll let you know asap if that changes), but you can follow the action at  and also follow on twitter @USMTS  or our good friends at @MadnessModified

Also this weekend

  • Skyler Trull Memorial at Carolina Speedway (Fri/Sat)
  • Lucas ASCS Spring Nationals at Devils Bowl, Mexquite TX (Fri/Sat)
  • Ultimate Late Models at County Line Speedway, NC
  • Weekly 410 Spint Action at Lincoln & Port Royal (PA) *cancelled



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