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On Tap/Scoreboard; Thaw Braw at LaSallel; Spring Nationals in Kentucky; All Stars Open in Attica; RoC Modifieds Kickoff in Bridgeport

Sunday April 5: 

Race of Champions Modifieds at Bridgport Speedway (NJ)

1. Ryan Godown  2. Rick Laubach  3. Dominic Buffalino  4. Richie Pratt  5. Jeff Hoetzler

6. Mike Barone  7. Mike Barone  8. Craig VonDohren  9. Stewart Friesen  10. Howard O’Neal
11. David Hunt  12. Mike Franz  13. Jesse Hill  14. Jimmy Blewett  15. Dana Walker  16. Ron Roberts  17. Ryan Watt  18. Bob Sarkisian  19. Anthony Perrego  20. Sam Martz  21. Ricky Dieva
22. Jamie Mills  23. Tommy Beamer  24. Duane Howard

Saturday April 4:

ALMS Late Models: Thaw Brawl at LaSalle (IL) ($15,000)

1. Bobby Pierce  2. Chris Simpson  3. Ricky Weiss  4. Brian Shirley  5. Jared Landers
6. Scott Bloomquist  7. Frank Heckenast Jr  8. Dennis Erb Jr  9. Steve Casebolt  10. Billy Moyer
11. Brandon Sheppard  12. Jason Feger  13. Rich Bell  14. Adam Hensel  15. Ryan Unzicker
16. Mike Spatola  17. Kolby Vandenberg  18. Rusty Schlenk  19. Brandon Thrilby  20. Ryan VanderWeen  21. Kevin Weaver  22. Tim McCreadie  23. Scott Schmitt

All Star Sprints at Attica Raceway Park (OH) ($5,000)

1. Ryan Smith  2. Andrew Palker  3. Greg Wilson  4. Dale Blaney 5. Cap Henry  6. Cody Darrah
7. Danny Holtgraver  8. Tim Shaffer  9. DJ Foos  10. Byron Reed  11. Danny Smith
12. Christopher Bell  13. Parker Price-Miller  14. Chad Kemenah  15. Randy Hannagan
16. Sheldon Haudenschild  17. TJ Michael  18. Caleb Helms  19. Paige Polyak  20. Lee Jacobs
21. Steve Kinser  22. Stuart Brubaker  23. Jac Haudenschield  24. Gary Taylor  25. Kyle Patrick
26. Travis Philo

USAC  National Sprints at Lawrenceburg (IN)

1. Logan Jarrett  2. CJ Leary  3. Robert Ballou  4. Dave Darland  5. John Stanbrough  6. Chase Stockon  7. Brady Bacon  8. Tracy Hines  9. Justin Grant  10. Jerry Coons Jr  11. Kyle Cummins
12. Aaron Farney  13. Jarett Andretti 14. Tyler Courtney  15. Chad Boespflug  16. Kyle Robbins
17. Landon Simon  18. Daron Clayton  19. Travis Hery  20. Logan Hupp  21. Bryan Clauson
22. Chris Windom  23. Casey Shuman  24. Kevin Thomas Jr

Ultimate Late Model Series at Screven Motor Speedway (GA) ($5,000)

1. Casey Roberts  2. GR Smith  3. Brandon Overton  4. Shane Clanton  5. Dennis Franklin
6. Hunter Peacock  7. Scott Shirey  8. Ivedent Lloyd Jr  9. Jeff Smith  10. Kelly Guy  11. Richie Corley  12. Casey Barrow  13. Anthony Sanders  14. Jim Manka  15. Dustin Mitchell  16. Kenny Collins

Spring Nationals at Florence (KY)

410 Winged Sprints at Lincoln Speedway (PA) Spring Championships ($5,000)

1. 21-Brian Montieth  2. 48-Danny Dietrich; 3. 87-Alan Krimes; 4. 52-Austin Hogue; 5. 19M-Brent Marks; 6. 11C-Cory Haas; 7. 51-Freddie Rahmer; 8. 59-Jimmy Siegel; 9. 99M-Kyle Moody; 10. 55K-Robbie Kendall; 11. 44-Chase Dietz; 12. 16-Gerard McIntyre, Jr.; 13. 2W-Glenndon Forsythe; 14. 8-Billy Dietrich; 15. 12-Mike Bittinger; 16. 21T-Scott Fisher; 17. 39-Tim Glatfelter; 18. 21A-Steve Owings; 19. 15-Adam Wilt (DNF); 20. 88-Brandon Rahmer  21. 69-Shane Hoff ; 22. 75-Nicole Bower ; 23. 14-Lance Dewease  24. 1-Tim Wagaman 

410 Winged Sprints at Port Royal Speedway (PA) ($2,500)

1. Aaron Ott  2. Nate Snyder  3. Lucas Wolfe  4. Doug Esh  5. Mike Wagner  6. Logan Wagner 
7.  Ryan Taylor  8. Davey Sammons  9. Dylan Cisney  10. Steve Buckwalter  11. Joey Hershey
12. Wayne Dadetto  13. Curt Stroup  14. Dave Hahn  15. Tyler Bear  16. Bryan Howard
17. Rick Lafferty  18. Daryl Stimeling  19. David Quackenbush  20. Blane Heimbach
21. Greg Hodnett 22. Dave Ely

358 Northeast Modifieds at New Egypt Speedway (PA)

1. Ryan Godown  2. Billy Pauch  3. Billy Pauch Jr  4. Willie Osmun  5. Sammy Piazza
6. David Van Horn  7. Jimmy Blewett  8. Chris Esposito  9. Brad Trice  10. John McClelland
11. Mike Butler  12. Jimmy Horton  13. Tad Cox  14. Neal Williams  15. Rocco Infante
16. Johnny Guarino  17. Chuck Steuer  18. Gary Butler  19. John Strangle  20. Andrew Krause
21. Chris Grbac  22. Danny Bouc  23. Tommy Farrell  24. Andrew Bohn

358 Northeast Modifieds at Grandview Speedway (PA)

1. Duane Howard  2. Craig VonDohren  3. Meme DeSantis  4. Frank Cozze  5. Mike Kellner
6. Mike Gular  7. Ryan Watt  8. Danny Erb Jr  9. Doug Manmiller  10. Jared Umbenhauer
11. Jared Miller  12. Kevin Hartnett 13. Brian Houseknecht  14. Eric Biehn  15. Ray Swinehart
16. Todd Smith  17. Glen Strunk  18. Bobby Gunther  19. Chris Gambler  20. Jeff Strunk
21. Keith Hoffman  22. Don Norris Jr  23. Jamie Speers  24. Ron Seltman Jr  25. Kyle Borror
26. John Wilman  27. Ryan Grim


Friday April 3:

ALMS Late Models at LaSalle (IL) ($5,000)

1. Bobby Pierce  2. Tim McCreadie  3. Dennis Erb Jr  4. Brandon Sheppard  5. Brian Shirley
6. Ricky Weiss  7. Mike Spatola  8. Scott Bloomquist  9. Kevin Weaver  10. Kolby Vandenberg
11. Steve Casebolt  12. Rusty Schlenk  13. Jason Feger  14. Scott Schmitt  15. Rich Bell
16. Phil Ausra  17. Jay Morris  18. Ray Gus Jr  19. Ryan Unzicker  20. Adam Hensel
21. Billy Moyer  22. Chris Simpson  23. Brandon Thirlby

Spring Nationals Late Models at Ponderosa (KY)

You know, there’s something about this segment that makes us want a beer. Maybe it’s the title. Whatever it is, we sure could go for one right now.  In fact if there’s any breweries out there reading this, please feel free to sponsor our weekly guide to the weekend in DIRT known simply as “On Tap”.  It needn’t be any money either, product is fine by us so long as the beer is good craft beer, nothing we can see through.

Okay then, we’re not going to lie folks, the weather will play a factor this weekend maybe more so than last weekend. In fact, it’s already claimed part of the weekend at Mercer (PA) and the Friday portion of ASCoC opening weekend at Attica (OH).  None of the national series are in action this weekend, but there’s regional gems to be found. So with that being said, let’s see what’s on tap!

Schaeffer Oil Spring Nationals at Ponderosa and Florence (KY) April 3-4

Legendary driver turned promoter, Ray Cook, launches another outstanding Spring Nationals campaign this weekend. The all Kentucky, three day slate starts off at 201 Speedway Thursday night and continues Friday and Saturday at Ponderosa and Florence respectively.

Chris Madden will join the fields this weekend, forsaking both Carolina Clash and Ultimate Series dates to join a strong field of cars including Donald McIntosh, Eric Wells, Rod Conley, Tim Dohm and other regional heavy hitters in action.

You can follow the action, including live race updates via our friends at Dirt on Dirt (get a subscription…you’ll thanks us!)

DIRT on DIRT RaceWire Page.

You can also check on all sorts of regional super late model action via that page too!

ASCoC Sprints in Attica; Saturday April 4

Mother nature lost round 1, scheduled for Friday night. However weather guru Mike Leone says there’s a 50/50 chance that the $5,000 to win Saturday night portion will go on as planned.

And that’s a good thing because some of us haven’t seen a race since November (most of the staff here at TDN for that matter).  Some of us will be in attendance. And we’ll be feasting our eyes on side by side battles between the likes of Holtgraver,  Henry, Blaney, Sebetto, Mintz, Jacobs and many others, including Ryan Smith.

This Saturday starts the points for the 2015 season.

You can keep up with the action on your trusty Race Monitor App. Here

Rick Sweeten Images

Race of Champions Modifieds at Bridgeport Speedway (NJ) Sunday April 5
And last but certainly not least, the Race of Champions roar into action for the first time in 2015 at Bridgeport Speedway this Sunday. It’ll be 60 laps for all the marbles this Easter as Rick Laubach,

 Ryan Watt, Duane Howard, Godown, Pauch and others from the “dirty jersey” / Eastern  PA conference tackle some quality invaders from central NY, the Capital District and the southern tier

You can keep up with the action via twitter from Hall of Fame updater @DTDMike

Also this weekend:

  • 410 Sprints at Williams Grove Speedway Friday April 3    *cancelled
  • USAC Sprints at Lawrenceburg Speedway (IN) Saturday April 4
  • King of the West 360 Sprints at Placerville Speedway (CA) Saturday April 4
  • Carolina Clash Super Late Models at Bulls Gap (TN) Saturday April 4
  • Ultimate Super Late Model Series at Screven Motor Speedway (GA) Saturday April 4
  • 410 Sprints at Lincoln and Port Royal (PA)



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