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The Story From Lernerville; Ferree and McPherson Dominate; Lynch Jr Overtakes Matus, King Sr takes checkered

The hardiest of the hardy were present in the stands and in the pits Friday night at Lernerville Speedway as the fab four divisions were all in action for the second point nights of the young season.

A chilly, brisk night awaited all in attendance and a slippery surface greeted the drivers upon their arrival. From the outset, traction was at a premium, and most drivers spent the most of the night trying to find what little grip there was. However the track remained a smooth as it was slippery. And the relative lack of cautions, four combined in all features,  helped keep the show running at a welcome quick pace given the coolness of the night.

On the track, Alex Ferree put the late model field to bed with relative ease, while Ed Lynch Jr returned once again to claim his second consecutive feature win. In the modifieds, Rex King Sr overtook Brian Swartzlander to keep the King name rolling in victory lane for a second week and Corey McPherson kept the stocks behind him for 20 laps to record yet another sportsman stock victory. 

Late Models: 

Kenny Schaltenbrand led the 18 car field to the green flag and sprinted out to the early lead as Alex Ferree climbed to second in the opening laps.   It didn’t take Feree long to start applying pressure on the top side where he eventually overtook Schaltenbrand on lap 2. 

Ferree eased through the first round of lapped traffic at the 8 lap mark and went to work putting a three second advantage between himself and Schaltenbrand as Michael Norris held firmly in the third spot while Mike Pegher Jr and Jared Miley started waging a battle for positions three and four around the halfway mark. 

To say Ferree was dominant on the night would be an understatement as he began to work all three grooves while weaving in and out of the emerging lapped traffic. While Mike Pegher Jr and Miley managed to get around Norris for third with five to to go, but neither were able to reel in Ferree. It was the veteran late model pilots 30th feature win of his Lernerville career

Top 10:

1. Alex Ferree
2. Kenny Schaltenbrand
3. Jared Miley
4. Michael Norris
5. Mike Pegher Jr
6. Russ King
7. Doug Eck
8. Colton Flinner Jr
9. John Garvin Jr
10. Gary Lyle


Steve Feder took a wild ride down the front stretch last Friday night and came back for another round in a back up car. 

He found himself starting up front with Brian Swartzlander a who took the early followed by Rex King Sr. Modified title contenders Mat Williamson and Rex King Jr would have to climb from their 9th and 11th starting positions and they’d have to get there in a hurry to catch Swartzlander to be a factor.  

At the five lap mark, Swartzlander and King Sr had managed to gain separation from third running Garrett Krummert and behind them, the quick mover was Williamson who managed to climb to fourth

The battle for the lead between Swartzlander and King Sr then intensified as they encountered lapped traffic at the halfway point. Swartzlander was stationed on the bottom while King Sr opted for a mid high groove.  Swartzlander was smooth though and managed to pull King Sr through the initial lapped traffic.  

But once they got into clean air on lap 16, King Sr used the momentum on the top to get around Swartzlander and managed to put distance behind him as Wiliamson and Swartzlander battled for second in the waning laps with Williamson on the bottom as Swartzlander moved to the high side. And when the checkered flag flew, the elder statesman among Kings, finished the job with a 2.5 second advantage at the line. 

Top 10:

1. Rex King Jr
2. Brian Swartzlander
3. Mat Williamson
4. Garrett Krummert
5. Rex King Jr
6. Jeremiah Shingledecker
7. Steve Feder
8. Rick Regalski
9. Dave Murdick
10. Tom Winkle


Ed Lynch Jr surprised many in attendance with his second straight appearance. And he made the most of it putting a 16 car sprint car field behind him with relative ease, claiming his 110th sprint feature victory at Lernerville.

When the green flag flew, Dan Kuriger and Brandon Matus shared the front row as Lynch Jr wasted no time in entering the fray jumping from his 11th starting spot to fourth in a matter of three laps.  Brandon Matus was the early leader and kept his father Brent behind him in the early laps. The young Matus elected the mid to high groove in the early going while his Brent started to apply pressure for the lead around lap 7. .

Lynch got by third running Dan Kuriger right before the caution flag waved when Davey Jones jumped the cushion in turn four. On the restart, Lynch was directly behind Brandon as Brent was penalized for jumping the original start and place four spots back. Brandon kept the lead until the caution flag waved again on lap 16 for Eric Williams.  

On the ensuing restart, Lynch went to the outside of Matus in turn four for the lead, and there was no catching him as he put two seconds between himself and Matus en route to the victory while Brandon Matus and a charging AJ Flick rounded out the podium. 

Top 10:

1. Ed Lynch Jr
2. Brandon Matus
3. AJ Flick
4. Brent Matus
5. Dan Kuriger
6. Jared Zimbardi
7. Brandon Spithaler
8. Carl Bowser
9. Scott Priester
10. Sye Lynch


Corey McPherson dominated a field of 19 sportsman stock from the front row, earning his 19th career Lernerville victory in the process. 

Last year’s rookie of the year Aaron Easler and McPherson staredt up front. And after a couple of attempts at a clean start,  McPherson went to the outside and the early lead from the drop of the green flag. 

The caution flag waved  on lap 2 when contender Mike Miller spun in front of the field in turn three, affecting several cars in the process including Jim Fosnaught. 

When racing resumed, McPherson held his lead as Easler, Wayne Carbo and Brett McDonald followed suit and stayed exactly where they were for the remainder of the 20 lap main event.  

Top 10:

1. Corey McPherson
2. Aaron Easler
3. Wayne Carbo
4. Brett McDonald
5. Bob Egley
6. Jim Fosnaught
7. Terry Young
8. Joe Kelley
9. Joe Zambotti
10. Jeff Miller

Racing resumes next Friday night as the All Star Sprints pay a visit to the action track with RUSH Late Models, RUSH Modifieds and the sportsman stocks all in action! 



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