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The TDN Weekly Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 1

Hey there kids, it’s time once again for my rankings of the top weekly super  late model drivers in the state of Pennsylvania. Yeah, that’s right, this year it went from just Western PA to the entire state. I made this choice in the offseason after getting a couple comments that it would be pretty cool to do. I mean, all it really meant that was that I had to add a couple new tracks, and therefore, some new faces, to this column weekly. You’ll notice some of those new names straight away.

Anyways, this past week, the only scoring track that was off was Lernerville. All the other tracks ran, and the top five finishers at each track scored points. Except for Roaring Knob, for whom I could only find the winner this week. Once I can find the rest of the top five, I’ll reflect it in future rankings.

Once noticeable difference from this years poll to last is the absence of defending champ Alex Ferree, because I don’t think he ran any races this past weekend (unless he was at the Knob Saturday night)

That said, let’s get to some rankings!

1. Jeff Rine, 5 points. Jeff picked up the win at Bedford Friday night.

1. Tony Musolino, 5 points. Tony won at Marion Center on Saturday night.

1. Jason Schmidt, 5 points. Jason came home first at Port Royal Saturday night.

1. Steve Campbell, 5 points. Steve took the checkers at Selinsgrove Saturday night.

1. Gary Dalton, 5 points. Gary was the victor at Roaring Knob Saturday night.

1. Mike Blose, 5 points. Mike took home the trophy at Dog Hollow Sunday evening.

1. Chris Hackett, 5 points. Chris was the winner Sunday night at Eriez.

2. There are 6 drivers tied for second at 4 points. Gene Knaub, Dane Laraway, Matt Parks, Matt Cochran, John Garvin, Robbie Blair and whoever was second at Roaring Knob. Obviously, they all took second in a scoring races somewhere this weekend.

And that’s the top 10 (ok, 13, but whatever) for this week. In the coming weeks, this logjam will work itself out and we’ll actually have a true top 10 with some separation between spots. That’s when we’ll start to get a clearer picture of what’s going on.

All 8 tracks are once again slated for regular weekly shows next weekend, so look for some new names to be in this list next Monday. I know, I know, the weather report for Saturday and Sunday looks a bit murky at this point., but I’m hopeful that all tracks will get their shows in. When/If i get the full Roaring Knob results sometime this week, and that’ll be reflected in next week’s standings.

See ya next week!



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