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Turner’s- A Winning Parnerhip

If we were to list all the key contributors to the lifeblood of dirt racing, the things that make racing possible, it would be a list too long to mention every party involved. We’d probably tell you that it’s a mix of fans, drivers, car owners, promoters, officials and a whole bunch of people that we left out.

And then, there’s a huge factor in the equation that “DIRT Nation”,also can’t do without, and that’s support from area businesses at the local and regional level. 

Those businesses do wonders for what we love. They not only sponsor cars, but support point funds, provide contingencies for drivers, offer free products on occasion, and assist in the financial aspects of helping operations stay afloat; and/or prospering. 

In return, they get promotional opportunities, a chance to get the name, logo and brand out there, in full view of hopefully packed grandstands.  Some are fairly common, you see the sinage all around you as you watch the races. Coke, Pepsi, car dealerships, industrial supply businesses, other entertainment venues etc…

However, many go beyond simply posting their sign and handing over a check to a driver or promoter. They choose to be vested in the sport, to actively promote it and be associated with it’s culture.

One such sponsor, on a regional basis happens to be Turner’s Premium Iced Tea. 

They entered the game at Lernerville Speedway in recent years, and have upped their level of commitment in 2015 to become a presenting sponsor of fab four racing at the historic facility. 

Area sprint car driver Carl Bowser is featured in a new commercial from Turner’s
Recently, Turner’s filmed a commercial featuring local sprint car driver and Lernerville track champion Carl Bowser which debuted during this past weekend’s Nascar event in select markets.

As supporters of the local racing community, we know that fans of dirt track racing are fueled by the excitement and edge of their seat action each and every week at tracks across our region, ” said Nicholas Yon, marketing manager at Turner’s. “We’re proud to fuel race fans and drivers like Carl with our Premium Iced Tea and we’re excited to extend our partnership with Carl with this commercial.”

It was an easy decision for Yon and Turner’s to support local dirt racing. You see, they’re fans themselves and they saw the opportunity to connect something they love with a great product that has long been a staple in the area. And they also recognized the passion and loyalty of the fan base which were key points in their plan. 

“Aligning our brand with dirt track racing and Carl has been a great success and allowed us
to tap into a fiercely brand loyal group of consumers.  We’re race fans, so our partnerships  in the racing community are a natural fit. We’re proud to say that we fuel race fans all summer,” concluded Yon. 

Many partnerships work well when it comes to support from the business world, but the one’s that work best are where both sides are interested in working together to help the sport as well as the bottom line. And this is the case with Lernerville and Turner’s, it’s a winning partnership. 



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