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The TDN Weekly Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 3

Hey there dudes and dudettes, tis’ Monday night and that means I be hitting ya’ll off with the weekly update to theses rankings. These are truly up to date, too, thanks very much to Dustin Jarrett, who went to Roaring Knob this weekend and tweeted the results, so I don’t have to wait a week like I normally do with The Knob’s lazy-ass updating (last week’s 2-5 are finally updated, because they finally posted those results this past Friday).

Anyways, weather was a bit of an issue this weekend, causing a rain delay up at Lenerville Friday, and washing out Selinsgrove on Saturday and Eriez on Sunday, who did a much, much better job of a rainout pic this week:

It clearly rained there. I wonder if my criticism made it back to the people who take these pictures. I’m guessing probably not, but to feed my ego I’m just going to believe I have that much influence. I’m going to grab a cold beer to celebrate. BRB.

Port Royal was off for “Spring Break”. They probably would have rained out anyways. 

Now let’s get to some rankings.

1. Clate Copeman, 19 points. Clate had another monster weekend, winning at Dog Hollow and taking a third at Marion Center.

2. Mike Blose, 14 points. Mike’s only points this week came at Dog Hollow, where he got a third.

3. DJ Troutman, 11 points. DJ got a third at Bedford Friday to score his points this week. He had a residual point from a fifth at Roaring Knob last week too.

3. Tim Senic, 11 Points. Tim’s points this week came at Roaring Knob. He was second.

4. Steve Campbell, 10 Points. Steve didn’t score any points this week, as his usual haunt, Selinsgrove, rained out. 

4. Jim Yoder, 10 points. Jim took home the win at Bedford to pick up his points this week.

4. Dylan Yoder, 10 points. Dylan ran second to his dad at Bedford for his points this week.

4. Matt Parks, 10 points. Matt ran fifth at Bedford to gain his point for the week.

5. Jeff Rine, 9 points. Jeff ran Bedford as his scoring track this week, but didn’t score at all.

5. Mel Minnick, Jr., 9 points.  Mel took home the win at Roaring Knob this week, and had a residual second last week at the same track to score all of his points this week.

And that’s the top ten names on my spreadsheet for this week. This coming week, Bedford has some special, so it won’t count towards these rankings. I believe it’s normal shows at the 7 other tracks, though, so some points will be scored. I’m personally headed to Lernerville for the first time this season to drink some beer and watch some race cars go in circles. Weather looks pretty amazing so far. I’m very excited



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