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The TDN Weekly Super Late Model….. err… uh, Dirt Late Model Dream Preview.

So yeah, this week’s edition of the power poll is absolutely useless, because nobody scored any points. All the tracks in the poll either rained out or had a special. If you missed last week’s points and need an update or want a refresher, it can be found here. They’ll be back to normal again next week, provided the weather actually lets anybody go racing this weekend.

So, instead of writing exactly the same article this week as last week, I decided to do a preview of this weekend’s big ass party out in western Ohio. By big ass party, I mean a bunch of rather famous dudes racing 100 laps for 100k at the most famous dirt track in the world.

Yep, I’m talking about The Dirt Late Model Dream.

Where: It’s at the most badass dirt track in the nation, Eldora. It’s a bad fast high banked 4/10 masquerading as a half mile in the middle of absolutely nowhere, but every time a big race rolls through there it becomes a city of rednecks. It’s big races always attract the very best dirt racing has to offer, no matter the division headlining the show. It needs to be on the bucket list of every racing fan, period.

Added bonus: Promoter extraordinaire (and closet pyromaniac) Roger Slack has a serious affinity for pro wrasslin’ grade pyrotechnics. If you like shit that goes boom to go with your racing, you’ll be in absolute heaven.

Who: It always gets 100ish of the very best dirt late model racing has to offer. This years crop will be no different. The entry list can be seen here. That list will get updated as new entries come rolling in all the way until racing starts Thursday night.

Some history: Past winners n’at.

When: Thursday, June 4th through Saturday, June 6th, 2015.

Now, at this point, I’m sure you’re wishing you could make it. Not to worry if you can’t, though, they offer reasonable priced Pay Per View Coverage. Speaking from experience, the quality is fantastic.

Predictions: The usual suspects will all be in the house. Every past winner except for Freddy Smith (retired), Donnie Moran (also retired) and Rick Eckert (running Appalachian Mountain Speedweek this weekend instead) will be in attendance. That said, I’m going to make three predictions. Who will win. Who won’t win. and who might shock the world by winning.


 Jonathan Davenport. He’s having a fantastic year. He’s had a car capable of winning just about every night out, and he’s wicked hot right now, winning back to back Lucas races this past weekend. He’s always been very fast at the Big E. In the past, though, he’s made some bone-heeded overaggressive moves or worn his tires out early and fallen off. This year, though, I think he finally puts it all together and takes home the big cardboard check.


Jimmy Owens. He’s with a new team, without his long time crew chief Chris Fox. The wins haven’t been coming this season like they have the past five years or so. Sure, he’s having a good points year with Lucas, but the Dream ain’t about points. It’s about winning, and that’s just not his M.O. this year.

Gregg Satterlee. The Dream has had some surprise winners before (Steve Casebolt and Matt Miller come to mind). This year might have another one. I know, I know, Gregg has won national touring races before. It really wouldn’t be that shocking, you say? Go look at his previous results at Eldora. They’ve been pretty meh. Why do I think he could conceivably win this thing? He’s at his best on big, fast tracks. He’s got the very best Rocket setup man in the country tuning his ride. Those meh results have gotten a little better every time he heads to the big E. He’s got great hair. That hair is the edge he needs. It provides extra downforce. I’m just saying, if he wins the thing Saturday night, while 4M and other dirt racing forums are losing their shit about how surprising it is, I’m just going to drop a link to this article on them. 
And that’s it for this week. 
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