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ASCoC Ohio Sprint Speedweek Predictions

Assuming that the All Stars get in all 9 of their scheduled speedweek races…here’s my predicted winners and sleepers for each event.

Attica – Dale Blaney
Why? He beat the Outlaws there a little while back (for the 2nd year in a row), and he’ll need to get off to a hot start if he wants to win the $25,000 bonus for winning 5 of the 9 scheduled races.

Sleeper: Cap Henry

Eldora – Greg Wilson
Why? That bottom groove may be the place to be since they took some banking off the track. And not many catfish as well as Greg Wilson does. He always emerges near the front, and he’s been picking up the pace in recent weeks.

Sleeper: Randy Hannagan

Waynesfield – Dale Blaney
Why? Because he’s Dale Blaney, and that’s just what Dale Blaney does.

Sleeper: Danny Dietrich. He spun while leading last year.

Wayne County – Andrew Palker
Why? He seems to struggle when he leaves Ohio, but this is where he cut his teeth. I expect Palker to put in one of his best efforts of the season.

Sleeper: Sheldon Haudenschild. This place can get wild at times, and he has the ‘Wild Child’ blood in him.

Sharon – Dale Blaney
Why? This is home sweet home to Dale. A place he knows very well and always is fast at. Plus, he’s Dale Blaney, remember?

Sleeper: Danny Holtgraver. Places that carry a ton of speed play right into his hand.

Atomic – Chad Kemenah
Why? He’s added life to the rejuvenated All Stars, and now he’ll leave his mark by capturing a Speedweek win. Whether the track is hammer-down or slick to the top, Chad will be up front.

Sleeper: Cole Duncan. He’s turned in some really strong runs lately, and this is one of his best tracks.

Fremont – James McFadden
Why? Two top-2 finishes here on Memorial Day weekend with the ASCoC, including a win on the first night.

Sleeper: Tim Shaffer. He won the $10,000 finale on Memorial Day weekend.

Limaland – Cody Darrah
Why? He’s not afraid to throw it into the corners, push the cushion up on the rail, or pull off a questionable slider on lapped traffic. And that’s what it will take to win here.

Sleeper: Sheldon Haudenschild. Because he’s a Haudenschild.

Fremont – Dale Blaney
Why? Irritated at the fact that he can no longer win the $25,000 bonus, he goes out to prove a point. I think he’ll win this one by a considerable margin.

Sleeper: Craig Mintz. In his limited number of starts this season, he’s looked as fast as ever.



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