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The B.O.S.S Story from PPMS: Swanson Wins Thriller, Ferree, Schirnhofer and Schneider Cruise to Victory Lane

Finally the sun broke through! The big yellow ball in the sky was on display at Pittsburgh Pennsylvania’s Motor Speedway Saturday night. The action the track was highlighted by an appearance from the B.O.S.S. (Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series) wingless sprints.  26 cars took to the clay for the chance to take home the winner’s share of the purse ($1500), and the battle for the win between Kody Swanson and Shawn Westerfield was a sight to behold!  In fact, we’re pretty sure that it would have made former Major League All Star Mo Vaughn (Owner of the title sponsor’s company Mo Vaughn Trucking) proud.

Super Late Models, RUSH Pro Crates, Stocks, Hobby Stocks and 4 cylinders made up the support divisions presented before the fans on hand at the “Monster Half Mile” and said fans were also treated to a hot dog eating contest in which contestents had to eat three hot dogs and drink a bottle of water.  We didn’t get to partake in that activity, a large pasta dinner beforehand had all but taken the room out of the stomach so to speak, but had we come hungry, rest assured, we’d have been in the mix for the win!

 Mo Vaughn Transportation B.O.S.S Wingless Sprints:

Starting towards mid pack proved to be no issue whatsoever for one Kody Swanson.  The reigning USAC Silver Crown champion wasted little time getting to the front, assisted by some additional water and packing before the features, and once there survived a fantastic battle for the win to take home the victory.

Shawn Westerfield started up front and looked strong early on sprinting out to the early lead until a caution on lap four for series points leader Mike Miller halted his progress.  Once the race resumed, Westerfield continued his early dominance, but behind him, a three car battle ensued between Dustin Smith, Cooper Clouse and Swanson for positions 2-4.  Swanson emerged from the three pack and then went to work on running down Westerfield which would be no easy chore on this night.  Swanson found his best way around the track that included running the high side in turns 1 and 2, building up a tremendous amount of momentum, then finding the moisture on the bottom in 3 and 4 to enable him to shave seconds off Westerfield’s lead with each lap until the two were running side by side at the mid portion of the race.  

Swanson made the pass and then used lapped traffic from the lap 15 mark on, to gain a slight amount of seperation between himself and Westerfield.  But the battle for the lead wasn’t over. Westerfield picked through the lappers, never losing sight of the leader, and on the final lap, he had actually gained a very slight advantage on the back stretch that led into a drag race for the remaining quarter mile that Swanson would eventually win at the line as the checkered flag waved in the air.

“I’m normally considered an asphalt guy,” said Swanson in victory lane. “But we’re getting better on dirt all the time and that water they added really helped give me something to lean on out there. We love running with these guys, and it’s a great night for us.”

Top 10:

1. Kody Swanson
2. Shawn Westerfield
3. Dustin Smith
4. Michael Fischesser
5. Cooper Clouse
6. Steve Irwin
7. Justin Owen
8. Chad Wilson
9. Kent Wolters
10. Kirk Jefferies

Super Late Models:

In the 25 lap super late model feature, local legend, John Flinner started up front and took the early lead, only to have Alex Ferree make his way around in the early to mid portion. Once there, Ferree was unstoppable, and survived several restarts en route to the $1100 victory.  Behind him, Flinner would have his hands full with Steve Baker and Brandon Burgoon.  Baker would make a late race pass following a restart to wrest second away from Flinner, but neither could catch Ferree who was fast in all three grooves and was the most dominant car in the field as Baker and Flinner rounded out the podium.

Top 10:

1. Alex Ferree
2. Steve Baker
3. John Flinner
4. Brandon Burgoon
5. Jason Rider
6. Colton Flinner
7. Ed Ferree
8. John Mollick
9. Ben Miley
10. Jon Hodgkiss

RUSH Pro Crate Late Models:

Josh Holtgraver looked like the driver to beat early on in the 20 lap crate late model feature, but a smooth driving Tommy Schirnhofer and a flat tire for Holtgraver at the midway point put the #8 Schirnhofer ride in the lead for good as he would not be seriously challenged the rest of the way for the crate late model victory.

Top 10:

1. Tommy Schirnhofer
2. Russ Kolesar
3. Steve Beatty
4. Ben Policz
5. Dennis Neidreiter
6. Ron Hall
7. Josh Holtgraver
8. Justin Massie
9. Chuck Medved
10. Scott Schemp


Some invaders were on hand for the sportsman stock field Saturday night as driver’s were looking for additional seat time in advance of the rescheduled Ed Laboon Memorial stock race next Saturday night. Chris Schneider and Brett McDonald and Rusty Moore found themselves in action, but none of them could catch Christian Schnieder who simply dominated the show with a multi second advantage over the rest of the 18 car field, en route to his second PPMS feature win of the season.  Chris Schneider tried his best, coming from the mid pack to take a second place finish, but ran out of laps in the end.

Top 10: 

1. Christian Schneider
2. Chris Schneider
3. Ricky Steigerwald
4. Rusty Moore
5. Jeff Bronieczewski
6. Todd Weldon
7. Brett McDonald
8. Bill Robertson
9. Brian Wagner
10. Nick Kocuba



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