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This Week in DIRT

In lieu of our normal scattered, covered, and smothered updates known as the TDN Weekend Scoreboard, we bring you yet another edition of This Week in DIRT. Let’s face it, there’s a lot to keep up with if you follow just about everything that races on dirt, and it helps to have everything in one place since so many people are just too damned lazy to look up stuff like stories and results. But life does get in the way of dirt racing enjoyment sometimes. 

Maybe you were bitten by a shark at the beach while you were drunk, trying to surf and ignoring the life guards plea to stop harassing pelicans and to pull up your improperly fitting swim trunks.  Maybe in laws that don’t like racing stopped by for a cook out that lasted 8 hours too long, ruining any chance to get to the track or follow the action accordingly on twitter, race monitor, or ppv sites. Maybe your significant other kept you tied to the bedposts, or the lawn mower all weekend.  No worries, we’ll help you catch up on the week that was in DIRT!  You get that free here at TDN!

Donny Schatz Appears on Milk Carton

(News Flash) : Schatz wins a race! At Lebanon Valley with less than a full field on hand

Yes, Donny Schatz sucks! Mr. Damn You Donny has not won a race in quite some time, (Since July 11th to be exact, unless he doesn’t suck tonight at Lebanon Valley). The folks in Central PA were quick to point out as much too when he failed to win either night at Williams Grove this weekend.  Oh, to win so much to be hated is a true delight for the driver, and don’t think Mr. Schatz doesn’t relish in it.  Let’s face it, if you go 7 races out of 90 or so without winning and people proclaim you to be in a slump, you’re doing something right. By the way…if he hadn’t have run out of gas at Eldora, you’d be calling him King Donny.

So, enjoy it Schatz haters of the world, he’s had a rough two weeks, but know that he’ll be off the milk crate in no time.

In the meantime, the Posse swept the action at the Grove, and (we should have made a separate headline) The All Stars threw a PA/OH ass whipping on Mr. Schatz at Lernerville this past Tuesday night courtesy of Mr. Darrah and Blaney. 

Here’s some recaps from the races:

Stevie Smith Whips Donny Schatz
Danny Dietrich Throws Donny Schatz a beating
Blaney and Darrah Point at Schatz and Laugh in a Donny Double Team

Pat Miller Photo

And be sure to check out our own Pat Miller’s photo gallery of Donny Schatz not winning at Lernerville earlier this week! Seriously, there’s some great pictures here:

Don Martin Silver Cup In Pictures

Davenport and Moyer Point and Laugh at Outlaws-

Jonathan Davenport has never come close to being on any kind of milk crate in 2015, in fact his level of dominance has almost matched Schatz’s (before he sucked). And he hammered that point home with a victory over the Outlaws at this weekend’s Prarie Dirt Classic, picking off Dennis Erb on the last lap to take home $27,000 plus other contingency prizes not limited to a lifetime membership in the jelly of the month club and a free bushel of corn!  To add insult to injury to the Outlaws, Billy Moyer took the victory on Thursday at Quincy, IL

Here’s some recaps from recent WoO/LM action:

Davenport Pulls off Hail Mary- Continues Season To Remember
Moyer Scores $8,000 at Quincy, IL- Buys Everyone In Attendance an Orange Whip

Buck Monson Photo

Rodney Sanders To Host Saturday Night Live

When you’re hot, your hot. And also, a good choice to host Saturday Night Live! Series Producer Lorne Michaels recently let slip that Sanders would be hosting SNL as soon as the season opens in September and was quoted as saying “He’s the real deal, and he’s bringing his car too and also he’s bringing BBQ Beef Brisket from Texas for the whole cast, and he wins! Movie stars are overrated, whiny little (expletives) we want real people on the show and it doesn’t get more real than Rodney Sanders!”

Michaels couldn’t have been more spot on, if there’s as dominant a driver on dirt that’s ascended to Schatz (When he doesn’t suck)/ Davenport levels, it’s Sanders who won this weekend’s World Dirt Modified Championship at Deer Creek, MN. 

Read more about Rodney’s Weekend, and Find out Why He makes Sense to Host SNL

Sanders Is The Man

What Happened At Lernerville?

Why not just ask us? Our own Trever Steele was on hand to cover the action at Modified Mania this past Friday night and filed this report!

The Story from Lernerville: King Jr., Hawkins & Hilton score wins on Modified Mania Night

And that’ll do it for this week in DIRT. We hope you enjoyed it, and yourselves this weekend! Take care and stay DIRTY everyone!




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