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2015 Knoxville Nationals Pick ‘Em Contest

Folks, it’s time again for the Annual TDN Knoxville Nationals Pickem Contest! We’ve got prizes for the podium finishers and it’s a great way to make your fan experience a little more interesting, plus add some bragging rights into the mix!

What: The Dirt Network’s FREE “Knoxville Nationals” Pick ‘Em Contest. Please limit it to 1 entry per contestant.

Deadline: Wednesday, August 12th @ 12:00 noon ESTPrizes: 1st – $50 Visa Card. 2nd – TDN t-shirt. 3rd – $15 Subway Gift Card
How’s it work? Simple. You’ll select 5 drivers. Those drivers can receive points during their Wednesday/Thursday preliminary night and on the Saturday finale. No points will be awarded on Friday night.

Points will be awarded on the Wednesday/Thursday preliminary nights and the Saturday finale. Drivers can receive points three different ways:
    a) A-Main finish on Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday
    b) Qualify in Top 5 on Wednesday/Thursday
    c) Win a heat on Wednesday/Thursday

Points System:
Qualifying – 1st(20), 2nd(18), 3rd(16), 4th(14), 5th(12)
Heat win – 15 points
Preliminary Feature – 1st(50), 2-5(40), 6-10(30), 11-15(20), 16-24(10)
Saturday Feature – 1st(150), 2-5(100), 6-10(75), 11-15(50), 16-25(30)
Saturday B Finish – 20 Points
Saturday C Finish – 10 Points

To enter our 2015 Knoxville Nationals Pic’Em Contest, simply the link below!

Thanks for playing! You can stay up to date with all official standings at Any questions or problems can be addressed by Gary (@21stCenturySkiz), Tyler (@tyler_beichner), or emailed to



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