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The TDN Weekly Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 14

What’s up there folks? Sorry about the delay this week, ny computer was acting really funky yesterday. Methinks it’s on it’s last legs, so I’m probably going to have to go ahead and get new one sometime soon. Boo. My wallet is already crying.

Anyways, she seems to be working just fine today, so I will go ahead with my quick little update to the rankings.

This week, all of the tracks I score got scoring shows in except for Bedford, who didn’t have supers scheduled, Dog Hollow, that had a raised purse special, and Roaring Knob, who rained out.

As the picture above ind, we are again locked in a tie at the top with just three more weeks to go until I declare a winner. Much like last season, It seems that the title will come right down to the wire, where the winner, Alex Ferree won by exactly one point. In the event of this ending up a tie, the tie breaker will be wins on the year. If that ends up tied, then I’ll just have two winners I guess, unless yinz jags got any ideas for a second tie breaker.

With all that said, Let’s get to the rankings.

1. Max Blair ****, 35 points. Max won at Eriez Sunday for his points this week.

1. Jeff Rine***, 35 points. Jeff’s points this week came from a fifth at Selinsgrove Saturday.

3. Mike Blose**, 33 points. Mike went scoreless this week.

4 Scott Rhodes**, 30 points. Scott also put up a goose egg this week.

4. Clate Copeman****, 30 points. Clate’s continued disappearing act netted him 0 points for the third straight week.

6. DJ Troutman**, 26 points. DJ was also shut out this week.

7. Alex Ferree**, 24 points. Add Alex to the list of people who didn’t score this week.

8. Darrell Bossard, 23 points. Darrell climbs into the top ten due to a second at Eriez Sunday night.

8. Dwayne Tanneyhill,*, 23 points. Dwayne didn’t have any points this week either.

10. Dylan Yoder*, 21 points. Dylan is the eventh guy in the top ten to go scoreless this week.

And that’s it till next week. I hope you all have fun at whatever track you decide to go to. I’m thinking I may hit a track this weekend, but I’m undecided where. That said, I’m gonna go watch the Bucs. This series is HUGE. Let’s go Bucs, and fuck the Cards.




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