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The TDN Weekly Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 15

Hey there race fans, tis’ Monday, and as usual I am here to provide an update to these rankings that I keep. It was a good week, with all tracks involved getting shows in, but once again, Roaring Knob’s results are like a big secret, so those finishes cannot be reflected in this week’s update. I was so complementary about their results updating the last couple weeks, too. This disappoints me. 

Anyways, even though I try to keep this column light-hearted and fun filled, I have to get serious here for a minute. It was a ridiculously tough weekend in 410 sprint car racing, with Kevin Swindell’s injury at Knoxville, and Jim Campbell Jr.’s fatal accident at Williams Grove. Get well soon Kevin, and my thoughts and prayers go out to the Campbell family and friends.

That said, these kinds of weekends seem to happen all too often in sprint car racing the last decade or so. I’ve soured on sprint car racing altogether because of it. Seriously, I was at Lernerville Friday, and as the sprints were pushing off for their feature, I glanced at Twitter and saw the Campbell news. I got up and walked down the bleachers, and out to my car, and I left. I realized I don’t want to be there if and when another tragic incident happens. I shouldn’t have to feel this way. There has to be a way to make sprint cars safer, and limit these kinds of injuries. I don’t have the answers, and I’m not going to pretend to, but the people in charge in sprint car racing and equipment manufacturers have to sit down and have some very real conversations about safety.

Okay, now let’s get to some rankings.

1. Jeff Rine****, 44 points. Jeff took a commanding lead in these rankings on the back of a win at Bedford Friday and a second at Selinsgrove Saturday.

2. Max Blair****, 35 points. Max went scoreless this week.

3. Clate Copeman****, 34 points. Clate returned to racing this week and got a second at Dog Hollow Friday for his points this week.

4. Mike Blose**, 33 points. Mike put up a zero this week.

5. Scott Rhodes**, 32 points. Scott got a fourth at Dog Hollow for his points this week.

6. Alex Ferree***, 29 points. Alex won at Lernerville Friday for his points this week.

7. Dwayne Tanneyhill**, 28 points. Dewayne’s points this week came from a win at Dog Hollow Friday.

7. DJ Troutman**, 28 points. DJ came home fourth at Bedford Friday for his points this week.

9. Darrell Bossard, 24 points. Darrell’s points this week came from a fourth at Eriez Sunday.

10. Greg Oakes, 23 points. Greg got a second at eriez on Sunday for his points this week.

And that’s the first ten names on my spreadsheet this week. The weather for this weekend looks like it should be great so all the tracks should get thier shows in. May you get some dirt oand your beer at one of them!




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