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2015 Lernerville Pick’Em Recap

The 2015 Lernerville Pick’Em season has now come to an end and the scores are in!  The season saw over 24 competitors take the green flag in April and they embarked on a week by week quest to put their clairvoyance skills to the task by selecting four drivers plus a wild card.  This is not an easy contest to win. It takes skill, luck, and sometimes some time sacrifice looking up what drivers will be in attendance week in and week out.

It takes a strong level of perseverance and an ability to stick to it. To miss a week could cost you a title, to miss two, could keep you out of the top 10 come September.

This season, was dominated by two rookies. John Baumes and Phillip Swartzlander started off the season hot, and got hotter as it went on. The two battled for supremacy week after week and were tied into mid August and in the end, Mr. Baumes finished in the top spot to become our 6th different champion in six seasons of playing! He also takes Rookie of the Year honors.  Rounding out the podium was one Garrett Mohrbacher who was consistent week in and week out. Josh Bayko crushed the TDN contributors to take the case of beer in our first ever “TDN Contributors Division” as well.

We’d like to thank each and every player who took part this year!  It was a great bunch to have playing on a weekly basis and the level of skill has increased to the point where weekly winners literally came from the middle and back of the pack as well! That speaks volumes of the level of competitiveness.

We’ll be getting in contact with our winners soon to arrange prize delivery. But in the meantime, from all of us at TDN, thank you very much for playing folks, we’ll do it again in 2016, and with more sponsors on board, the prizes should be even better!

Final 2015 Lernerville Pick’Em Standings:

1. John Baumes- 348
2. Phillip Swartzlander- 341
3. Garrett Mohrbacher- 328
4. James Barber- 322
5. Jessica Wright- 314
6. Andrew Loria- 314
7. Kim Berber- 308
8. Ric Blevins- 306
9. Nichole Emmons- 304
10. Nick Lohrmann- 302
11. Sally Cornman- 294
12. Jeff Barnes- 291
13 Ryan Cornman- 282
13. Brian Stivenson- 282
14Frank Iudciani- 278
15 Jason Stearns- 260
16 Anthony Mohrbacher- 252
17 Coachs Kid- 230
18 Chris Habbyshaw- 214
19 Jason Thomas- 130
20 Dylan Morando- 90
21 Cody Smith- 80
22 Kristin Swartzlander-38 
21. dirtpaw1224- 24
22. Steve Prince- 14

TDN Contributors Division (Beer League Championship)

1. Josh “Bacon Bits” Bayko- 350
2. Gary “Skiz” Heeman- 326
3. Trever “The Real Deal” Steele- 316
4. 5. Pat “Magic Fingers” Miller- 286
5. Brian “Dobie” Compton- 268
6. “The Professor” Tyler Beichner- 266
7. Jerin “The Real Deal” Steele- 100

2015 Rookie of the Year:

John Baumes



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