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Dirt Classic Preview

There’s a chill in the air, and the leaves are soon going to start changing colors.  In the dirt racing world that means frequent big events throughout the country on a weekly basis.  This coming weekend in central Pennsylvania is no different.  This Saturday night the Kasey Kahne Foundation sponsors the 2nd annual Dirt Classic at the Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania.  If you have never been to Lincoln I would high suggest going.  It is a very racey track with multiple grooves that produce two and three wide racing all night, and with some of the outsiders coming in, this weekend should be a great show.  The feature will pay $20,000 to the winner, and an increased purse throughout the field to strengthen the event.  Stevie Smith, who drives for Fred Rahmer, was the victor in this event last season.  The Dirt Classic is a unique event that institutes a passing points format after time trials with fully inverted heat races in the second set of heats.  Now on to the preview.

Pat Miller Photo

The Favorite

Danny Dietrich – Dietrich has been the hottest driver over the past month in a half in central Pennsylvania, and he is also the fastest car consistently at the Lincoln Speedway.  With the double heats and passing points Dietrich should be even tougher to stop.  If I had to put my money on anyone Saturday I would put my money on Dietrich.


Stevie Smith – Smith is the defending winner of this race and after the Pennsylvania Speedweek he had this season and picking up the win in the Summer Nationals at Williams Grove against the World of Outlaws, Smith has to be considered one of the top drivers in this event.  His summer has been really hot, and it has been a little while since Smith unloaded, but he should be fast right out of the box.

Pat Miller Photo

Brian Montieth – Montieth has yet to have that major victory in his career totaling over $10,000, but this could be the one.  Montieth is a high side specialist who is very fast at Lincoln and he was the track champion at the speedway again this season.  If Montieth can put himself in a decent position come feature time, we could be seeing the 21 car in victory lane Saturday.

Greg Hodnett – How can you bet against this guy?  I know, you’re saying well Kyle he hasn’t been that fast at Lincoln in his career.  Oh really?  Who won the World of Outlaws race at Lincoln earlier this year?  That’s right, it was Hodnett, and he will be a tough customer on Saturday.  He is the leading winner in central Pennsylvania just barely ahead of Dietrich in 2015, and he will be a force to be reckoned with Saturday.

Sammy Swindell – This is going out on a little bit of a limb, but Swindell is a winner, and since joining forces with CJB Motorsports Swindell has been on a roll.  He swept the NSL sanctioned Jackson Nationals not that long ago, and could be your surprise winner in the Dirt Classic.

The fact of the matter is there are plenty of other drivers to watch as well including Freddie Rahmer, Alan Krimes, and Lance Dewease just to name a few.  I know I will be there Saturday and you should too.  It’s going to be a great show.

For those who can’t quite make it, and quite frankly who wouldn’t want to be at this one live and in person? But should circumstances prevail or you live too far away. Be sure to check out the fantastic pay per view broadcast from Speed Shift TV! For only $19.95, you can enjoy the action from Lincoln! Show starts at 7:30 PM and you can order here: Speed Shift Dirt Classic Ordering



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