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The Dirt Classic 2015

Hello people of the Internet, my name is Patrick Miller. Being the resident photographer of The Dirt Network, I usually don’t have a lot to say. After a recent post by my buddy Brian “Dobie” Compton and his trip to Eldora for the World 100, I felt inspired. I had a trip planned to “The Dirt Classic” at Lincoln Speedway in Abbotstown, PA coming up and thought that it was something I could do to document my trip. So here goes:

-Woke up at about 8:45 AM on Saturday and went on to check email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I had packed the night before, so everything was just double checking. Knowing I was only going to be away for 27(?) or so hours, I packed lightly. I made sure all my camera equipment was ready to go and fully charged. I put everything in my car and at 9:37 AM, me and my significant other, the Wonderful (she made me say that) Cheryl Fleming hit the road.

-Google Maps put us on a course toward the central part of PA and said we’d reach our destination in about three hours and ten minutes. We set off on Route 56 to 22 and stopped the Ebensburg Sheetz. I needed some cash and it was back on the road. For our listening pleasure, it was “The King of ALL Media”, Howard Stern. I love talk radio, and there’s nothing better than Howard for a road trip.

-After all the extraneous miles on the PA Turnpike we reached “The Mill” at about 12:50. The Mill is a restaurant between New Oxford and Gettysburg. We stopped here last year on our way to The Dirt Classic. At The Mill, I had a club sandwich, at which I didn’t have to join a club, and Cheryl had a pulled pork flatbread. The food and service was just as amazing as we remembered from last year.

-After our meal we went to our hotel. Our hotel was the Federal Pointe Inn in downtown Gettysburg. For the price I booked the room for, it was well worth it. Check it out here.

PA700A1.JPG (426×300)

-After check-in, we got on the road to Lincoln which was about a half-hour away. Traffic was no problem and we arrived about 4:15. We got our tickets and placed our chairs in the infield. I knew being in the infield that I wasn’t going to get an ideal spot to get pictures, but we’d make the most of it.

-After getting to the track, we found Danny Dietrich’s posse and I bought a hat. Cheryl went and bought a Brent Marks shirt. We retrieved our pit passes and went to check and see who was exactly going to participate in “The Dirt Classic”. We saw our local guys, Carl Bowser and AJ Flick and then we settled back into our spots in the infield.

-We really didn’t eat or drink anything when we were at Lincoln, but we had a great time. The racing in the main event was well worth the price of admission. After the race we didn’t stick around. I was looking to get back to the hotel so I could process my pictures. We found a Burger King for snacks and that was it. I processed my pictures and had nice sleep. We woke up and ventured back to Western PA.

-To see my full photo gallery click here:



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