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TDN Celebrates 2nd Anniversary With Special Message

Today at TDN, we celebrate the birth of what we’ve become. An informative place for our beloved dirt racing fans to have a new kind of experience. A site that truly paid attention to many divisions, delivered on point commentary, helped drivers get their stories out there, and covered the action at the track as well. Not to mention a place to make dirt racing a little more interesting with our incredibly successful national event pick’em contests.

We started out with an idea, that plain and simply, we’d be servants of the sport we love on different levels. And by serving the sport, we meant fans, drivers, tracks, sanctions, and support industries.  We’ve helped serve as a place for interested people to hone their motor sports journalism skills, and we’re delighted to watch that end of it grow with well crafted storytelling and interesting topics of conversation. It is truly a labor of love as the contributors here at TDN spend their free time outside of full time jobs, families, and university commitments to add to the site. They do so because they love the sport and want to help it grow.

The journey we’ve been could not have been possible without our contributors. This site was a one man show for all of about 6 hours on November 17, 2013, when people stepped forward and declared that they wanted to become part of a team.  And from that moment on, we collaborated on a well thought out place to help enhance the dirt racing experience. 

We’d like to take this time to say THANK YOU, to every person who reads, uses, and enjoys what we’ve put together here at TDN. If it weren’t for you, we’d probably have called it a day after a week or two. And in the beginning, we weren’t sure how many people would be interested in what we were doing. But the numbers of readers grew, and the engagement level of them on a social media level was amazing to see and be a part of, and it made us realize that we had to keep going. Lots of people start blogs of various sorts, but it takes truly special people to commit to it week in and week out and we’re blessed with many of those sorts of people on the staff here at TDN.

Original 2013/14 Logo From Tyler Beichner

We’ll be continuing on with the same great stories and content you’ve enjoyed in the first two years, plus we’ll be making our internet radio debut here in a couple of months. And we still live to our commitment. The one we made in our mission statement that reads as follows….

The mission of The Dirt Network administrators and contributors is to simply serve the dirt racing community including fans, drivers, tracks, sanctions, sponsors and racing related parts manufacturers and distributors. This is accomplished with our promotion of the sport by means of objective opinion, news gathering and sharing, increasing driver connectivity to the fan base, and also by offering sponsors and other industry related organizations another opportunity to get their message across.

We offer a gathering place for all passionate dirt racing community members to constructively submit their opinions free from the current trend of directing negativity towards any track, sanction, division, or driver.

Whether you are a Sprint, Late Model, Modified fan, or a fan of any other division that graces our area speedways, we will provide content to capture the interest of all, the information to help make choices on where get your dirt racing fix on any particular weekend, and the stories behind the drivers who put their heart and soul into their racing operations week in and week out.

On behalf of all the staff members here at TDN, once again we say thank you, and we hope you enjoy what we have to offer!



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