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This Week In DIRT

So, where were you this week? Almost everybody that is anybody was at Indianapolis this week, to watch some fantastic NBA basketball as the Indiana Pacers downed the Miami Heat on Thursday night! And some people gathered to talk about racing and sell some wares at the annual PRI show. We were just off site, about 20 blocks away in a cardboard shack discussing the future of dirt racing with as many dregs of society as would listen to us while we provided three card monte, dominoes and free malt liquor!

Perhaps one day, we’ll be there live, covering the action, selling a concession stand recipe book from our booth on the main floor while passing out our decals with a video presentation of how we hoped to become the first cable network covering nothing but dirt racing in existence, and promoting our dirt racing motorsports journalism school..

But enough about that for now. We’re here to catch you up on what you missed this week in dirt!

Indy Invitational @ twitter

Good Intentions:

The inaugural running of the Indy Invitational indoor midget event commenced Saturday night at Banker’s Life Arena in Indianapolis, and spawned the possibility of full fendered midget racing. The event which featured top drivers competing in midgets , served as a tune up for many Chili Bowl entrants. But the evening  turned into a caution marred affair on a track that was virtually un-raceable due to the size of the surface and perhaps lack of preparation time.  The crew on hand literally had less than 24 hours to import dirt, work the surface and set up every element necessary for racing. There were more caution laps than could be counted and more than one red flag period for fumes on the evening.

So as Saturday night rolled around, fans and drivers took to social media brewing a potent coctktail of  complaints, whining, and venomous comments directed at the event.  This was neutralized however by the help of many people simply telling the malcontents to “Shut up and stop complaining, you’re killing our sport!”  To be truthful, both sides started to get equally annoying as the night went on.

The bottom line is this though. The first run of any new and potentially huge event is bound to have difficulties and unforeseen issues. There was a lot of effort put into this, lots of hard work and sleepless hours. It could have gone better for sure, and perhaps the knowledge gained here will help make it a great event going forward and it was much better than no racing at all. And here’s the deal on social media bashing, if it’s done by people who were not even ticket or ppv buyers, ignore it. If it’s being done by fans and drivers there on site in an ignorant and profane manner. Ignore it. If it’s done by drivers and fans that felt disappointed…ask why they thought so, use the information, and make the show better when those on social media stir up ideas for adjustments..IF it’s done in a respectful manner ala constructive criticism.   That is all…


Mr. Wilson Hits The Road

Greg Wilson hits the road every year, but this year, he’ll be hitting it at it’s highest level. One of the brightest moments to come out of PRI was the announcement that the veteran sprint car pilot from Ohio would be partaking in the entire World of Outlaws season with a huge sponsorship from Hercules Tire.  Truthfully, it’s a great thing to have a little more representation from Ohio in the mix, and Wilson is a class act and a very underrated driver who will be likely to open some eyes out on the west coast who haven’t seen him in a long time. Congrats Mr. Wilson, this was so well deserved!

Read more here: Wilson to Take on Outlaws in 2016

Bubba Clem Changes Mind…on Series

One of the most famous radio voices of the modern era, and Ocala, FL racetrack owner Bubba Clem was in the news, and it had nothing to do with Hulk Hogan. Clem announced that the previously scheduled World of Outlaw Late Model show at Bubba Raceway Park in February will change sanctions and be undertaken by the folks at the Lucas Oil Series instead. We’ve seen February shuffling before in schedules, but the reasoning behind it was different and as cut and dried as an egg on a hot summer sidewalk. Simply put, Clem stated that the move was designed to “put asses in the seats” alluding to a star power gap between the two late model series.  And as of right now, he’s right. There’s a gap.

Pat Miller Photo

A probable lineup of Davenport, Bloomquist, Lanigan, Owens, O’Neal, Francis and McCreadie does appear to be a good bit more appealing to Richards, Clanton, Eckert, Frank and some promising younger talent. But all isn’t said and done yet, there’s still time for a surprise or two come February. That being said, will the powers that be at WoO look to perhaps court some bigger talent as the season draws closer? Keep an eye on that one.

Read more from Dirt on Dirt Here: 2016 Late Model PRI Notes

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And that’ll about do it for this round.

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