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Breaking Down the WoO Sprint Schedule

Just over a week ago we were overwhelmed with all of the information coming out of Indianapolis…

Now, all true dirt fans are jotting down their “can’t miss” races from the major touring series into their calendars.

The list of available schedules has grown to include the likes of the WoO Sprints & Late Models, Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, All Star Sprints, Super DIRTcar Series Modifieds, Ray Cook’s Spring and Southern Nationals, and much, much more.

Here, we’ll break down the longest and most grueling circuit in the world: The 2016 World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series tour a.k.a. “The Greatest Show on Dirt”.

In total, the tour covers an unmatched 24,612 miles. That’s 39,610 kilometers for you Metric-lovers. That is the distance traveled from track to track, beginning at Volusia in Barberville, FL and finishing up with the coveted World of Outlaws World Finals in Concord, NC.

Breaking it down a little further, that’s 402 hours on the road. So not counting the trips back to the race shop, over to visit sponsors, or the midnight foray to the nearest Waffle House, teams will spend nearly 17 full days just traveling over the road to get to the next speedway.

Here are a few quick facts from the tour:

Longest Trip: 1,799 miles from Silver Dollar Speedway (Calif.) to Clay County Speedway (Iowa). A trip that Mapquest says will take 28.5 hours to complete. Thankfully teams will have 6 days in mid-September to complete the haul.

Longest Overnight Trip: 371 mile hike from the Salina Highbanks Speedway (Okla.) to Federated Auto Parts Raceway [I-55]. After competing at the Oklahoma oval, teams and drivers will make the 6 hour trek to race at I-55 the next night.

Shortest Trip: The shortest distance between races comes to us in the great state of Pennsylvania. After competing at Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown, all teams and PA Posse members are given two days to make the grueling 31 mile trip up Route 15 to the historic Williams Grove Speedway.

10+ Hour Trips: On seven occasions, teams will need to travel 10 or more hours to get to the next track.

  • 28.5 hrs from Silver Dollar Speedway (Calif.) to Iowa’s Clay County Speedway [9/10-9/16]
  • 23 hrs from Royal Purple Raceway (Texas) to The Dirt Track at Las Vegas [2/27-3/3]
  • 21.5 hrs from Nodak Speedway (ND) to Washington’s Skagit Speedway [8/28-9/2]
  • 16 hrs from Volusia Speedway to Texas’s Cotton Bowl Speedway [2/14-2/26]
  • 14.5 hrs from USA Raceway (Ariz.) to Texas’s Devil’s Bowl Speedway [4/18-4/22]
  • 11 hrs from Tri-State Speedway (Indi.) to Pennsylvania’s Lincoln Speedway [5/14-5/18]
  • 11 hrs from Cedar Lake Speedway (Wisc.) to Ohio’s Attica Raceway Park [7/9-7/12]
The current schedule features 94 dates, although four of them are still left open as T.B.A. Knowing that, there’s a good chance that the schedule will grow with mileage and time spent traveling.
The already determined 90 races are split up between 52 different facilities. The lone Canadian track remaining on the schedule is the Glenn Styres owned Ontario oval, Ohsweken Speedway.

Once again, the famous paperclip known as Williams Grove Speedway hosts a series leading seven races in 2016.

Chances are, the World of Outlaws have a race close to your home. Here is a visual of every track the series will visit this season…pick one and get to it.

15 new-comers to the schedule that did not have a WoO race scheduled in 2015: Cotton Bowl Speedway (TX), Royal Purple Raceway (TX), Arizona Speedway (AZ), Ocean Speedway (CA), Bakersfield Speedway (CA), I-30 (AR), Plymouth Speedway (IN), Jacksonville Speedway (IL), Fremont Speedway (OH), Lincoln Park (IN), Jackson Motorplex (MN), Hartford Speedway (MI), Wilmot Raceway (WI), Williamette Speedway (OR), and US 36 Raceway (MO)
14 tracks left off of the schedule from 2015: Antioch Speedway (CA), Kings Speedway (CA), Kokomo Speedway (IN), Lakeside Speedway (KS), Crawford County Speedway (IA), 34 Raceway (IA), Dodge City Raceway Park (KS), Limaland Motorsports Park (OH), Lebanon Valley Speedway (NY), Brockville Ontario Speedway (ONT), Autodrome Drummond (QUE), Castrol Raceway (ALB), Deer Creek Speedway (MN), and Berlin Raceway (MI)

Races by Month:
February – 5
March – 8
April – 12
May – 12
June – 11
July – 14
August – 11
September – 14
October – 7

If there’s anything else about the 2016 WoO schedule that you’d like to know, or series that you’d like a detailed article for, leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

For more detail about specific race dates, follow this link to view their 2016 schedule:



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  1. I believe a business is a business, and truth be told I think the two events will have little effect on each other. The guys that want to be at Lincoln will still be there. The ones that weren't going, will most likely be at Lernerville.


  2. I believe a business is a business, and truth be told I think the two events will have little effect on each other. The guys that want to be at Lincoln will still be there. The ones that weren't going, will most likely be at Lernerville.


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