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Merry Christmas From All of Us At TDN



We just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone who makes what we love happen!
Whether you’re a driver, owner, promoter, concession worker, ticket taker, pit steward, scorer, crew member, track prep guru, Sunday morning cleaning crew member, media member, you help make it happen! Thank you for everything you do!
And if you’re a fan who put up your hard earned money to help support the show, you’re just as big a part of the picture. Whether you’re a sprint, late model, big block modified, e-modified, stock, 4 cylinder, limited late model, hornet, hobby stock, or a micro sprint fan, it matters not! You’re a part of DIRT NATION, and we want to say Merry Christmas and hope you have a safe, happy holiday season!
Racing is a family affair, there is no doubt, and if you are mentioned in the above paragraphs, you’re part of OUR family, and we want our family to have a wonderful day and season!
Please drive safely, drive sober, and take a day to indulge in family, food, gifts, and happiness!!
So from all of us here at The DIRT Network to our extended DIRT family….



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