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Inaugural Grand Annual Australian Sprintcar Classic Pick’Em Contest Brought to you by Hoolagators

Our wonderful graphic designer and contributor Caitie McFarlane recently came to us with a wonderful idea. And since all of you following along with us at TDN seem to love our National Event Pick’Em Contests, we thought we’d take her up on it.
This will be a different sort of thing to kick off the 2016 TDN Pick’Em Season. It’s a bit more personal this go round. It’s USA  vs  Australia!!
Welcome to the Inaugural TDN Australian Spirntcar Pick’em Contest brought to you by Hoolagators, providing fans with wonderful die cast creations for fans around the world! Permier Speedway sets the stage for this annual clash of sprint car greats, as drivers from Australia, North America and New Zealand compete for $50,000 Aussie dollars and an etching of their name on the impressive win list!

For those not familiar with how we do things in our legendary Pick’Em contests, here’s a brief overview of how it works.  At the bottom of the page, you simply click the link and you’ll be re-directed to our entry page. Once there, you’ll select six drivers from three tiers. Following that, you simply answer a couple of simple tiebreaker questions, and enter a name and email address you can be reached at in case you win a prize!  (All email addresses are kept confidential and will NOT be used in any type of bulk email sending!) These contests enhance the following of the racing very well, and add to the excitement and to the fun!

 *One key thing to remember : It is important that you answer ALL questions on ALL of the pages to give yourself the best chance to win! If you forget a page and only end up with four drivers, we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be towards the bottom of the points table, and we WILL be tracking how Team Australia stacks up vs Team USA!  There’s some bragging rights on the line here folks!!
 Your selections will be scored by their performance on qualifying nights (Friday and Saturday), and of course their performance in the Finals on Sunday.  A Mains on either qualifying night or finals night will be scored
Here’s the scoring chart!
Qualifying nights:  Win = 24  Top 5 = 18   Top 10 = 15  Top 15 = 12  16-25 = 5
Finals: Win = 40  Top 5 = 30  Top 10 = 20  Top 15 = 15  16-24= 10
Quick Time Bonus on Qualifying Night = 10 points
Quick Time Bonus on Finals Night = 15 points
Top Australian finisher receives a Down Force tshirt from Team Dirt Dog, courtesy of McFarlane Motorsports
Top American finisher receives a tshirt from R and R Enterprises of your choice
Top Overall finisher receives a Kyle Larson 2015 die cast 1/24 scale from Hoolagators!
So are you ready to start picking? Do some homework, and start playing by clicking the link below! Have fun and good luck! And as always, thank you for playing another fine Pick’Em Contest with us here at TDN! May the best team win!!!



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