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Decker Turns the Page for 2016

CONWAY, SC – January 19th, 2016 – In what has shaped up to be a silly season to remember for years to come, the latest news is with Billy Decker yet again. Mike Payne Racing released a statement earlier today stating that they will be teaming up with the Franklin Flyer for the 2016 Super DIRTcar Series campaign, as well as other special events. In a phone interview, Decker said “the announcement came earlier than expected”, as it was slated to be revealed at this weekend’s AARN Motorsports Expo in Philadelphia. It comes as a surprise that the Bicknell will be set up on Integra Shocks now, as recently MPR has used Fox Shocks. Also new for MPR is the car number, as Decker will retain his usual number 91. Decker reiterated the fact that he is still exploring weekend options, and nothing is set in stone. This news for the series comes as a breath of fresh air for Decker fans, as the past few rumor filled months of waiting have been grueling. He told me that there were thoughts of retirement, but the new deal came together, and there is a great amount of excitement for 2016. 



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