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EPA Attempting To Interfere In Racing- Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard

We don’t often like to get too serious here at TDN, but this might need some attention. It has been announced that the Environmental Protection Agency will be pushing legislation that would effectively make any modification to any traditional over the road car, into a purpose racing vehicle illegal. 

We realize much of the dirt racing world uses almost nothing found on a traditional car anymore. However,  drivers and owners of four cylinder modified street cars along with many pure stock competitors and even a few street stock competitors could be affected adversely here. And we consider those teams just as much a part of the sport that we love so much, as teams in the higher divisions.

What’s more, is that if the EPA carries forward with this proposal, it sets in motion precedents that could potentially make room for further unwanted intervention in our sport which we think we can all agree would be detrimental. If we as a sport let them do this uncontested, you can rest assured, they’ll be back in a few years to try to tack on even more legislation. To be honest, we wish the EPA would be more diligent in declaring any automotive racing property useless for any other purpose outside of auto racing, this would make sense. But as it stands, they will now move forward wasting precious tax dollars which will have little effect as part of a clean air act, and only hinder racing operations that provide economic benefit for tracks, parts and component manufactures, and other related industries.

Folks, it’s time to let your voice be heard. We need to sound off with a common voice that further EPA intervention in automotive racing is wasteful, relatively useless, and is most often proposed as a brainchild of a person or a group of people whom have never attended a race in their lives.

Here’s more on the proposed legislation: EPA Statement on Proposed Legislation

And here’s how to contact the EPA and politely tell them to get the hell out of our sport:

Contact The Enviromnental Protection Agency

Please take a few minutes and tell them how you feel! And DON’T FORGET to contact your local congressman as well and tell them your position.

Also on topic here, an article from Road and Track with a different perspective. the EPA did make a clarification to the language.  No, The EPA Just Didn’t Outlaw Your Racecar- Road and Track



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