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This Week in DIRT; Richards Finishes With Most Novelty Checks; Hearn Conjures Comeback; Hoffman Wins Toughest Gator

And speed weeks are concluded. It’s time to get off our lazy asses here at TDN and start writing stuff like this weekly recap of things you may have missed. You know, stories, results, and things that you weren’t paying attention to because you were too busy in the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniels, or being at your significant others beckon call. Or perhaps you were in the doghouse because you forgot your wife on Valentine’s Day and lost your internet privileges. No worries, we’re here to help! So let’s catch you up so speed with This Week In DIRT!

Bloomquist Will Do Disney World;  Florida Placed on Alert; Richards Serves Notice

Scott Bloomquist is normally always good for one win at Volusia, and yep, he got it. The Dirt Trax Dominator took home $7,000 Wednesday night, and a gator trophy which he unwittingly presumed to be a gold foil wrapped chocolate alligator. Bloomquist took a full bite of the delicious looking trophy before proclaiming that he’d hung around in Tampa for a while before Volusia and played some machines while “making it rain”.  He then mentioned that he’d be off to Disney World after the racing on Saturday night at which time Florida Governor Jeb Bush issued a warning for the greater Orlando area for residents to keep a look out for a Dirt Late Model with the number zero attempting to make it rain particularly in the Magic Kingdom area.

In other news, Josh Richards served notice at Volusia that he’s back and better than ever! He did so on the track, garnering four wins in six races, and also by leaving notes on each and every race hauler windshield which read “Hello, I’m back and better than ever, Yours Truly, Josh Richards”.

In all seriousness, Richards appears to be on the verge of reaching the rarefied are of Jonathan Davenport’s 2015 season. The only thing in his way….is the 2016 version of Jonathan Davenport who looks just as strong as he did last year. Folks, the budding rivalry between Richards and Davenport will be one to keep an eye on all season long, and it’s going to be special…

Hearn Conjures Comeback; Sheppard “Who needs HBR anyway?”

Brett the jet Hearn won the $5,000 finale of the Super DIRTCar Series portion by going hard. Hearn started the final feature of the week from the 21st position, and found a loophole in the rule book which allowed him to inject liquid Viagra into the sidewall of his tire, causing a hardness that really treated the rubber well once it got warmed up as he went in and out of the competition with one deft stroke after another en route to the victory. It was great to see Hearn, who’d been having a rough week find victory lane, and also watching everybody else using up their rubber behind him.

Also in modified news, Matt Sheppard, now leader of his own team, put his engineering degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology to work and built a car that was at the top of it’s game. It’s driver was too, and Sheppard cruised to the gator championship for the week. He didn’t actually come out and stay “Who needs HBR Racing anyway?” But he didn’t have to, we say it here…for him!. Meanwhile, Stew Friesen was consistent, but did not find a way to win in four tries while Dr. Danny Johnson forgot his medicine back in Rochester and barely found the top 10 most of the week. Tim Fuller made his presence known with an opening night win on Wednesday for his first SDS win since 2012.

Hoffman Wins Toughest Gator:

The UMP modifieds get the least amount of real press coverage during speedweeks, and that can be a shame. Out of all the gators, the hardest one to win may very well be the UMP modified version. The car counts are high, and the number of drivers capable of winning a feature stretch into the 20’s at least. Nick Hoffman capped off a six win speedweeks with the hardest trophy of all during the festivities at Volusia. We haven’t ever done a ranking system for the eastern UMP modifieds, but if we made one out today, he’d be at the top, and would stand an excellent chance of doing so all year, you can’t do what he did in February, against that type of competiton, and not be the best in his geography. Look for big things, and keep an eye on this guy…

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And that’ll do it for this week, have a great one everybody and stay DIRTY!



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