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On Tap; Outlaws Invade Texas; USMTS Heads to Louisiana; Super Late Models in Action Down South

Welcome back! It’s been a long offseason, but we’re back on track with our semi regular On Tap Segment. For our opening entry, we offer up a classic beer review. Ever want a good cheap thrill? Or at the very least, a nice time with a decent headache? Then Pabst Blue Ribbon is for you!

There’s no need to tell you that you’d be wasting your time looking for nice lacing on the glass, or that the nose is not citrus, smoky, or roasted anything really. The finish is not bitter, clean, or anything remarkable. PBR is simply beer! And once you work hard to get the first one down, the rest of them will taste like………! If you’re headed to a race this weekend, you’re in luck as of course these beers should only be drunk ICE COLD, the minute they warm up, they’re pretty much useless unless you need something to extinguish your campfire in the parking lot!

Now let’s take a look at this weeks races!

Pat Miller Photo

Lincoln Icebreaker- Saturday Feb 27

Well, this may a place where your beer stays cold all day long! Actually, it’ll be over before you know it as central PA sprinters don’t play when it comes to running an swift, efficient show. As far as the weather goes, these guys have run this one with snow showers around before, but fear not, they’ll announce any plans to change the date by Friday the 26th at noon. The season opener for the posse will feature most of the usual suspects, Hodnett, Dietrich, Dewease, Montieth and the like, battling for $4,000 to win. The show starts at 2 PM this Saturday, don’t miss it!

World of Outlaws at Cotton Bowl Speedway (TX) Feb 26 & Royal Purple Raceway (TX) Feb 27

The World of Outlaws resume their season this weekend deep in the heart of Texas which is another place you can your beer really cold this time of year! The Outlaws have never ventured to the Cotton Bowl, a 1/4 mile track located in Paige, Texas, so it’s anybody’s guess who might have an advantage.

On Saturday, the Outlaws move along to Royal Purple Raceway for the first time since 2011, a race that Sammy Swindell won.  The facilities are top notch, and the racing is fantastic as evindenced by the USMTS shows there over the years, so if you’re in the area, be sure to drop by. We’d expect some decent invaders this weekend too as a Wayne Johnson, Johnny Herrera, or Aaron Reutzel appearance would not be out of the question.  There’s free audio on all weekend long, so grab your earphones to get the full effect of the racing, and the great Johnny Gibson!

To get a closer look at Royal Purple Raceway, check this out! (Stocks and Mods)

World of Outlaw Points Coming Into the Weekend:

1. Brad Sweet- 447
2. Greg Hodnett- 420 *Non Tour Regular
3. Dale Blaney- 410 *Non Tour Regular
4. Daryn Pittman- 404
5. Joey Saldana- 404
6. Sammy Swindell- 400 * Non Tour Regular
7. Donny Schatz- 398
8. Kerry Madsen- 394
9. Shane Stewart- 384
10. David Gravel- 374

USMTS Cajun Clash at Ark La Tex Speedway Feb 25, 26, 27

The USMTS Modifeds are once again in action this weekend as it’s round three of their Southern Region portion of the tour. This weekend, Ark La Tex Speedway plays host, and will see the return of one Rodney Sanders, fresh off a super late model weekend in Volusia.  Southern Region points leader Zach VanderBeek looks like he’s returned to previous form after an sub par 2015, and will be a handful as well as Jason Hughes, Ryan Gustin, Cade Dillard and Jesse Sobbing. Be sure to catch all the action all weekend long Pay Per View Style at

Current Southern Region Points Leaders:

1. Zach VanderBeek- 543
2. Jason Hughes- 539
3. Cade Dillard- 533
4. Ryan Gustin- 522
5. Jesse Sobbing- 456

Southern All Stars Super Late Models at Cochran Motor Speedway (GA) Feb 27 and 28

The Southern All Starts kick their season off at Cochran Motor Speedway this Saturday and Sunday! There’s $5,000 to win both Saturday and Sunday night, and you never know who will be looking to crash the party in the way of invaders. Be sure to check out all the goings on at on their live Racewire Page!  Not a subscriber? Get a membership, it’s relatively cheap and you’ll thank us later!

Southern Nationals Bonus Series at 411 Speedway (TN) Feb 27

Saturday night at 411 Speedway in Seymour, TN, there’s $7100 plus up for grabs as Randy Weaver looks to keep the likes of Jason Hiett, Donald McIntosh and other regional heavyweights at bay. And we wouldn’t rule out a Vic Hill or Ogle sighting! Be sure to check out all the goings on at on their live Racewire Page!  Not a subscriber? Get a membership, it’s relatively cheap and you’ll thank us later!  It must be important because this is the second time we’ve told you in two paragraphs!

Desert Classic, Canyon Speedway Park (AZ)Feb 26 and 17

RC Whitwell and Ricky Thornton Jr headline two straight nights of IMCA modified action at Canyon Speedway Park with some great side dishes by way of IMCA stocks and other support divisions. If you’re in the area, don’t miss it, and if you’re itching to watch some dirt on pay per view, check out our good friends at! You’ll be glad you did!

And that’s it for this week, get to the races if you can, and if you can’t, be sure to check out our National Dirt Racing Pay Per View Schedule


Don’t miss our own Josh Bayko’s 2016 World of Outlaw Late Model Preview! It’s like looking into a dirty crystal ball!



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