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TDN List Of Dirty People We’d Like To Have A Beer With

We recently had a thought, about what it would be like to have a beer with some of the legends of the sport. It would be impossible to include everybody we’d like to, and our list is not completely made up of people we’re currently in the fan club of, some very much so too. So here it is, a list of people we’d like to have a beer with, just to talk racing, history, and enjoy a story with!

Gary Heeman-

Dan Stone: If you’ve never met the man they call big brother, than it might not be completely understandable perhaps. But for those of us that have had the pleasure, this cheerful guy has stories to tell from his racing years that you’d love to hear. It’d be a pleasure to tip this one back with this guy, just for the laughs alone, and he’s completely approachable. Just a regular, hard working guy that loves to be at the track.  

Steve Kinser: I’m not sure what questions I’d ask. I’d just want to hear stories from the early Outlaw days. The stuff that kept the series on the road early on when they were just finding out how the touring would work, and what it would truly take to keep a team on the road cross country for a whole year. And how they had to scrape by in the early days. Then, I’d ask him

Earl Baltes- I’ll include a posthumous one here for the legendary Earl Baltes. The legendary builder and promoter of Eldora Speedway. And I’ll do it because I literally have not heard one person have anything negative to say about the man. Seldom does it happen, that one is successful in business, one that was started by one person from scratch, that does not rub others the wrong way from time to time. You literally can’t find a person that knew of him that doesn’t speak about him with a big smile and a great story.

Gary Balough- I’d want to hear what he’d do differently if he had to do it all over again. I’m more than sure he’s got regrets. But I’d also want to know if he realizes how much he along with others changed the way the modified looked and was engineered forever.

Pete Bicknell: To start something from his garage as a 17 year old that would turn into one of the largest chassis and component sellers in the industry is an amazing feat. But to also be a legendary driver and managed both aspects has to be a story I’d have to hear. I’d bet there’s secrets to success after every sip of beer.

Scott Bloomquist- Well, where to start here? I’d want to get the Bloomquist at his best, down to earth, honest, and with nothing to hide. Not the moody one that may or not be in a bad luck streak. I want the one that’s full of himself and proud of it, the one that walks with the swagger, because he knows he’s on top of his game and there’s nothing that anybody can do about it. Oh sure, there’d be some funny stories, and some honest talk about some things he probably wishes he could take back, but at the end of the day, I’m betting I leave the bar with a smile on my face.

Kyle Symons

If I had to pick one driver to have a beer with I would pick Fred Rahmer.  His interviews were always the best and when he first held the Party at the Path last year he took time to talk to me and the group I was with.  A great guy all around, and a strong beer drinker from what I’ve heard.  Rahmer was always one of my favorites growing up, and his stories would be enough for days worth of drinking.

Josh Bayko

If I was gonna sit down and have a beer with some dirt folks, I’d pick a duo, actually. It would be Jonathan Davenport and Kevin Rumley. After turning dirt late model racing on it’s ear for 2016, I’m sure they’d have a lot to say. Plus, they both seem like they’d be fun dudes to hang out with. 

On another note, I think it’d be fun to sit down and have a beer with promoter extraordinaire Roger Slack. I’ve had a conversation with Roger before, and I have to say he came across as a great guy with a lot of enthusiasm for dirt racing. That alone would make him a great drinking partner. His obsession with fireworks and giant barrels of gas that shoot flames high into the air would make for a crapload of fun, too. 

Aaron Clay

My list of racers that I would like to have a beer with, would be long and distinguished:

Kenny Wallace – I feel like this doesn’t need much explanation, but based solely off of his Social Media activity, I would love to have a cold one with “The Herminator”! I can only imagine how much fun it would be to hang out with him, after a few cold ones.

Billy Moyer Sr. & Billy Moyer Jr – I feel like “Mr. Smooth” would have endless entertaining racing stories, especially once the beers start flowing. “Kid Smooth” is as humble as he is talented, so I feel like he would remain level and down-to-earth. I can think of nothing better than cracking a few cold ones with them, after a hard night of Dirt Late Model racing!

Brady Bacon – Having already had a few cold ones with the “Macho Man”, I can attest that he enjoys a good time around a campfire, after the races. Brady’s racing history is lengthy and encompasses many different types of cars, so his knowledge is vast. He also seems willing to answer nearly any question, especially after a few cold ones.

Tony Toste – A West Coast racer with NASCAR background, who primarily focuses on Dirt Late Model and Modified racing now. I can tell you one thing, the party is never dull in his pit, after the races. You’d be lucky to only share a beer with Tony after the races, as Crown Royal is a common choice in his camp. I would prefer to drink with them after a good night of racing, but the party is always cracking, regardless of where he finishes.

Tyler Walker – This seems like a dangerous choice, especially given Tyler’s history of run-ins with the law. However, no one can ever question his passion for racing and, more importantly, winning. I would love to spend a few minutes with Tyler, after the cold beer has made its rounds!



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