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What’s in your Dirt Racing collection?

T-Shirts, diecasts, hero cards, banners, flags and even sheet metal are some of the usual pieces you’ll find in a race fan’s collection!  Some people go to the races often, buy a ticket in the gate and enjoy a great night of racing, taking home only the memories of the racing they witnessed.  Racing needs every fan it can get, but we’re not talking about those fans today, we’re talking about the true diehards. The kind of fans that like to take home more than just the Dirt that lands on their clothes and in their hair!

An avid follower of The Dirt Network, Ken Marks, of Kalamazoo, Michigan has a huge Dirt Racing collection!
The Dirt Network’s own, Patrick Miller shows-off his sheet metal collection!
Why do we collect?  For one, it supports the race teams that we cheer for!  It’s no secret that drivers get a deal, when they buy T-Shirts and diecasts in bulk, directly from the suppliers.  They make a small profit when they sell their T-Shirts for $15 – $25 or their 1/24 scale diecasts for $85 – $100.
Another TDN contributor, Caitie McFarlane, is a master of design & is the proud owner of these mini-Wings!
Another piece of Patrick Miller’s collection, as he has quite a few diecasts!
Plus, what better way to “fly your flag” and show which driver you support, than by wearing their T-Shirt?!  The T-Shirt designs have certainly improved over the years, with bright colors and radical designs being the norm.  Personally, I’ve had non-race fans comment on how “cool” my shirt is, even though they are not familiar with the driver.  They can also be great conversation starters, encouraging race fans to discuss who they cheer for, why they cheer for them, or where they are from.  Bottom line, today’s T-Shirt designs just look cool!
TDN’s forefather, Gary Heeman, proudly displays his impressive collection of race hoodies!
Another TDN contributor, Josh Bayko, also has an impressive collection of race hoodies!
Another key reason that race fans collect are for the memories!  I bet I’m not alone, that when I look at the pieces in my collection, I can remember the race night where I acquired the piece.  Or I can remember meeting the driver, getting their autograph, or maybe even remember other nights of racing, involving that driver.  Not only do collection pieces help spark our memories, they look cool!  What fan doesn’t want to have the coolest “man cave”, in order to show-off to their friends or family?  They can also be great conversation starters during family outings, or when you’re just hanging out and having a few cold beverages.
Check out my sheet metal collection!  Tough to find a better interior decoration, in my opinion
My diecast collection. Diecasts can be some of the most collectible racing memorabilia!
Regardless of what we collect, why we collect, or how much is in our collection, I think we can all agree on one thing: Collectibles fuel our passion for racing!  So go on, buy your favorite driver’s T-Shirt, snag a race banner or used sheet metal from your local track!  Be proud of your passion and show-off to your friends, family and neighbors!  What’s in your Dirt Racing collection?  Show us! 



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