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TDN’s Northeast Sprint Car Championship

Sorry that I’m late to the party in updating these points. Sometimes life just takes over (and by that I mean it was too nice not to golf) and this was one of those weeks.

Greg Hodnett extended his points lead over Chad Kemenah with two podium finishes last weekend, including a win at Lincoln Speedway. Kemenah notched a 3rd place finish over an impressive 41 car field at Lernerville, however rain took away any opportunities for him to run on Saturday night.

We remain in a tie for 3rd place between Danny Dietrich and Dale Blaney as both drivers failed to earn any points last weekend. The 5th position is currently held by a surging Lance Dewease who is piloting the familiar powder-blue coated #69K. Dewease is heating up at just the right time, as the Outlaws come into town this weekend and provide drivers with a great opportunity to a huge chunk of points.

Points races this weekend:

  • WoO at Lincoln Speedway
  • Attica Raceway Park
  • Lernerville Speedway
  • WoO at Williams Grove
  • Atomic Speedway
  • Fremont Speedway
  • Mercer Raceway Park
  • Wayne County Speedway
  • WoO at Williams Grove
  • WoO at Weedsport

Championship Standings

1. Greg Hodnett [31]
  • Captured the win at Lincoln and a 3rd at Williams Grove
2. Chad Kemenah [25]
  • After swapping the lead, settled for 3rd with ASCoC at Lernerville
3. Dale Blaney [14]
  • No points after registering 7th place finish at Lernerville
    Danny Dietrich [14]
  • Picked up 0 points while racing at Williams Grove and Lincoln
5. Lance Dewease [12]
  • Earned 4 points for his win at Williams Grove
6. Kerry Madsen [10]
    Lucas Wolfe [10]
8. Doug Esh [9]
9. Austin Hogue [8]
    Byron Reed [8]
    Jac Haudenschild [8]
12. Aaron Ott [7]
      Alan Krimes [7]
      Blane Heimbach [7]
      Brian Montieth [7]
      Danny Holtgraver [7]
17. Brad Haudenschild [6]
      Brandon Spithaler [6]
      Craig Mintz [6]
      Dave Blaney [6]
21. Chris Andrews [5]
      Daryn Pittman [5]
      David Gravel [5]
      Mark Smith [5]
      Sheldon Haudenschild [5]
      Steve Buckwalter [5]
27. Carson Macedo [4]
      Freddie Rahmer [4]
      Jack Sodeman, Jr [4]
      Jordan Ryan [4]
      Kyle Moody [4]
      Pat Cannon [4]
      Robbie Kendall [4]
      Stevie Smith [4]
      Tyler Ross [4]
36. Brandon Matus [3]
      Brent Marks [3]
      Brock Zearfoss [3]
      Cap Henry [3]
      Cole Duncan [3]
      Cory Haas [3]
      Dallas Hewitt [3]
      Jared Zimbardi [3]
      Lee Jacobs [3]
45. A.J. Flick [2]
      Brandon Wimmer [2]
      Broc Martin [2]
      Chase Dietz [2]
      D.J. Foos [2]
      Dan Kuriger [2]
      Danny Mumaw [2]
      Danny Smith [2]
      Eric Williams [2]
      Gerard McIntyre, Jr [2]
      Jim Siegel [2]
      Ryan Taylor [2]
      Tim Glatfelter [2]
      Tim Shaffer [2]
59. Andrew Palker [1]
      Billy Dietrich [1]
      Cale Thomas [1]
      Caleb Griffith [1]
      Carl Bowser [1]
      Curt Stroup [1]
      George Hobaugh, Jr [1]
      Kraig Kinser [1]
      Mike Wagner [1]
      Nick Patterson [1]
      Shane Stewart [1]
      Todd Kane [1]



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