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Top 25 Sprint Car Poll – Week 3

For the third week in the row, the 7-time World of Outlaws champion tops our National Sprint Car Poll as voted on by the media. Donny Schatz’s strong runs have kept him at the very top of our rankings, but he’s not alone. Last year’s World of Outlaws runner-up has moved into the 2nd spot in our rankings after recording great finishes in recent showings. Schatz laid claim to six of the seven “1st-place” votes, while David Gravel was awarded the final tally.

Chad Kemenah and Dusty Zomer get dubbed as the biggest movers of the week. Both drivers advanced 6 positions in the rankings. Kemenah’s masterful drive to beat the Outlaws at Fremont Speedway highlighted his weekend where he also finished 7th at I-96 Speedway against the Greatest Show on Dirt. Zomer found victory lane and picked up the $5,000 winner’s check at Badlands Speedway in his only start of the weekend.

Jason Johnson (20) and Brent Marks (21) return to the rankings after a one week absence while Kyle Hirst (24) makes his debut following his dramatic last-lap pass to capture a $3,000 King of the West win at Silver Dollar Speedway.

The three drivers who dropped out of the rankings from last week’s poll are Rico Abreu, Cole Duncan and Bryan Clauson.

Our panel of voting members for Week 3 included the following:
Blake Anderson, Brian Liskai, Bobby Gerould, Tony Bokhoven, Mike Leone, Kyle Symons, Anthony Corini and Tyler Beichner.

1. Donny Schatz, 174 points (6)
Recent Results: Two Top 5 runs on the weekend with a 2nd at Fremont & 4th at I-96 Speedway.
Previous Ranking: 1st (NC)

2. Shane Stewart, 158 points
Recent Results: Records podium 2nd place finish at I-96 after disappointing 18th at Fremont Speedway.
Previous Ranking: 4th (+2)

3. Brad Sweet, 154 points
Recent Results: Snags 3rd place finish at I-96 Speedway following a 15th place run at Fremont.
Previous Ranking: 6th (+3)

4. Greg Hodnett, 147 points
Recent Results: Hard-charger from 19th to 5th at Williams Grove in his only ‘410’ start of the weekend.
Previous Ranking: 2nd (-2)

5. David Gravel, 144 points (1)
Recent Results: Wins rain-shortened feature at I-96 to cap off weekend where he also finished 3rd at Fremont.
Previous Ranking: 8th (+3)

6. Daryn Pittman, 135 points
Recent Results: Finished outside the Top 5 twice with finishes of 8th at I-96 Speedway and 17th at Fremont.
Previous Ranking: 3rd (-3)

7. Chad Kemenah, 124 points
Recent Results: Thrills the crowd by beat the WoO at Fremont. Also finished 7th at I-96 Speedway.
Previous Ranking: 13th (+6)

8. Danny Lasoski, 123 points
Recent Results: Got rained out at Jackson & salvaged a 9th place finish at Knoxville.
Previous Ranking: 5th (-3)

9. Dale Blaney, 110 points
Recent Results: Disappointing 21st place run at Fremont Speedway against the WoO.
Previous Ranking: 6th (-3)

10. Brian Brown, 108 points
Recent Results: Continues his string of strong runs at Knoxville by picking up the win.
Previous Ranking: 15th (+5)

11. Craig Dollansky, 100 points
Recent Results: Found the podium when he finished 3rd at Knoxville’s NSL show.
Previous Ranking: 10th (-1)

12. Joey Saldana, 93 points
Recent Results: Snags a respectable 6th place at Fremont before coming home 13th at I-96 Speedway.
Previous Ranking: 11th (-1)

13. Terry McCarl, 90 points
Recent Results: Finished 4th at Badlands Speedway in his only start of the weekend.
Previous Ranking: 12th (-1)

14. Kerry Madsen, 85 points
Recent Results: Recorded averages finishes of 11th and 9th at Fremont and I-96 Speedway, respectively.
Previous Ranking: 9th (-5)

15. Danny Dietrich, 63 points
Recent Results: Finished in the 6th position at both Williams Grove Speedway & Lincoln Speedway.
Previous Ranking: 14th (-1)

16. Dusty Zomer, 62 points
Recent Results: Picked up the $5,000 winner’s check at Badlands Speedway.
Previous Ranking: 22nd (+6)

17. Lance Dewease, 52 points
Recent Results: Dewease and Don Kreitz Racing sat idle over the weekend.
Previous Ranking: 16th (-1)

18. Sheldon Haudenschild, 50 points
Recent Results: Finished 23rd at Fremont Speedway in his only start of the weekend.
Previous Ranking: 18th (+1)

19. Mark Dobmeier, 43 points
Recent Results: Recorded a 3rd place finish at Badlands for the second consecutive weekend.
Previous Ranking: 20th (+1)

20. Jason Johnson, 41 points
Recent Results: Charging to the front both nights, the Rajin’ Cajun finished 5th at Fremont & 10th at I-96.
Previous Ranking: Not Ranked

21. Brent Marks, 26 points
Recent Results: Goes from 20th to 9th at Fremont with the WoO before returning home to finish 4th at Lincoln.
Previous Ranking: Not Ranked

22. Ian Madsen, 25 points
Recent Results: Notched a 5th place finish in NSL action at Knoxville Raceway.
Previous Ranking: 22nd (NC)

23. Lucas Wolfe, 22 points
Recent Results: Central PA driver did not make any starts over the weekend.
Previous Ranking: 18th (-5)

24. Kyle Hirst, 16 points
Recent Results: Won the King of the West Sprint show at Silver Dollar by virtue of a last-lap pass.
Previous Ranking: Not Ranked

24. Tim Kaeding, 16 points
Recent Results: Snags a 5th place finish at Badlands Speedway.
Previous Ranking: 22 (-3)

Dropped Out of Rankings
Rico Abreu (17), Cole Duncan (21), Byron Reed (25)



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